The Birds don't mind their New Fence

It’s two fold (somewhat blocking the house and road & property across the road, as well as a cat deterrent).


Since you are building a new bird dinning room you need to add some China Flatware and some small tea cups with water for the customers. Don’t forget the cloth napkins either. :grin:

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Ohh good idea. I’ll do that after I get back. I forgot to add more little fences on the back of the table and yesterday morning a cat jumped up there and got a bird. I found it on the footage.

Yeah, the escape route was blocked. I hope the cat at least ran off with his prize.

Yes it did. I have it all on the various cams on that side of the house and around the corner. If I had out the other fences up behind the cam the cat wouldn’t have been able to get up there so easily. I told me daughter to just put the cam back and not to set any seeds out. I’m thinking of setting the board up on the tree instead.