Catipuss Flavius has Got to Go!

We’re expecting snow later this week so I placed a patio table on the feeding table. Then put a board and cement brick on top of that. I blocked the cat’s hiding place under the swing to the left, and he decided to make a jump for lunch. Need to borrow my grandson’s bb g*n.

Close up:


Looks like that cat likes the taste of tweety bird.

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Yeah. The other day I found bird feathers on the ground nearby too. :angry:

It’s a cat doing what it is supposed to do. You just provided a self service take out Cat Food Store :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah, that’s true. Well…maybe I should’ve turned the table upside down so only the birds could get through the metal slats. Hmmm

I like the close-up video of this, I must’ve watched his pounce nearly a dozen times, so cool looking.

I got your back Flavius!

I was going to say, you could probably set it up so only birds can get in.

Kitty is so cute though.

Yeah, I thought about putting up some side boards at an angle. Hmm. I do like all creatures and understand they’re just doing what comes naturally but they need to stay in their own yards. There’s another big orange one who has been stalking them too. I caught the gray one an hour ago hiding in the hole of the tarp on the ground that is wrapped around some soil. All that stuff near the swing is there for the winter.

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