Catius Flavius Gets the Broom This Time!

My Wyze camv3pro is set up on the corner of the table. the shepherds hook holds the cord that runs in through the kitchen window.
I heard a noise and thought one of my new mouse traps had gone off. Nope. I looked out the window and ran out the door and launched the broom from the corner of the house.
He had pulled the cord out of the camera. The noise I’d heard was the bird hitting the window. The cord is now clamped to the table.


My client says it was worth it just to get this gif of himself for evidence of his innocence.
Catius the client resized


@AnnWithAPlan has been practicing javelin!

That bird was brave to attack the cat

Or did the cat attack the bird?

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The part was before I put up a 3rd “wall” at back of the table (for that reason). So Catius Flavius couldn’t get up there anymore. I also set a yard table with my mango tree on it, next to the hanging glass feeder, Thanks for the gif haha!

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Ha. The bird was flying down to land on the back fencing. I’m pretty sure it was a dove, so no chance of it making an attack, sorry to say.

Yup! That’s what I was trying to do. I was surprised that I got it as far as I did, haha.

@carverofchoice clients are out of control. This one said bad words to an innocent :raccoon: then tried to punch it in the head but missed. Good thing the villain got bulldozed right out of the ring. :rofl:


Yeah, I saw that! Trying to instigate a fight.