Sparrow vs?

The original video is much longer and the birds do get out. I forgot to latch the door, so the tussling pushed it open. If it were latched, I would have been removing a dead bird.

I don’t have or want a youtube channel or discord.

@AnnWithAPlan would you mind hosting it on your YouTube channel?


Oh wow! What a tussle. Sure. Can you make it longer to include the door opening and email it to me?

What? I just noticed the date on this??

I don’t have the video anymore.

Aww, sorry, I never saw the post until now.

Fortunately I didn’t latch the door. Probably would have been much worse.

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Yeah, I saw that you’d said that and agree. I saved a bird this morning while I was outside. I heard a bird crying and when I turned around, Catius Flavius had him in a death grip in his mouth. I ran a few steps toward him, waved my hands and made a noise. He looked at me, dropped the bird and ran off. Bird flew up into the bush. Whew.

Poor Catius. No breakfast today. You might have had some entrails on your porch as a gift.

Nah, he belongs to the neighbor, so he probably would’ve brought it to them and left me with the :feather: :feather:.