Pretty Female Cardinal Keeps the Bluejays at bay


How do you clean up the old hulls from the moss?

I was blowing them off. But when they’re wet they stick, so I’ll try the power blower later. I’m leaving today for Calif and will be away for a couple of months, so there might be a buildup. My daughter will be taking care of the chickens and I asked her to throw some seeds out there for the birds, so maybe she’ll blow them off too.

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At least you can still watch your feathers friends while you’re away. Unless you shut down the WIFI.

Yeah well … Disaster Struck yesterday morning. I noticed the camera aimed at the bottom of the table and looked back on the footage.

So what knocked the camera? The cat?

Yeah. It was sad. I did upload the footage to show family. Didn’t know if I should post it here.