A Flock of Pretty Bluebirds at the Birdbath


Thanks for sharing. So nice. Now I have to ask, just how do you keep the bird bath so clean and is that a pump or filter or a thing to keep it from freezing sitting in it. Also love the lights. Gives me some ideas to make our look nicer…

Thanks. I usually have my tropical plants around it, but I took them inside for the winter (I have other videos on my channel where you can see them around it).

There are no trees close enough to drop leaves in it (except when it’s really windy). And before my yard guys come, I try to cover it. But I do go out there and pull leaves out. If I dont do that, then it’ll get really dirty.

I put a solar fountain in the middle and hid the solar panel behind the birdbath. You’d laugh if you saw my setup, haha. I ran one of those orange extension cords from the top of the back porch over to the yards flood light pole (provided by the power company), wrapped it around that around 7’ high, then down to the ground and under the greenhouse. The Wyze cam is stuck to a metal t post. I put a little foam pad over the camera, and that not only keeps the rain off it, but the birds droppings as well.

That white thing is a birdbath water heater that heats up when it gets down to a certain temp and then shuts off automatically, so it keeps the water from freezing. So far, so good. I posted a video of that as well in the forum and on my YT channel.

I got the idea for the lights from my 95 yr old mother’s garden. She has lots of them and likes to watch them blink with different colors. So, I ordered some from temu. I want to expand it some at some point.

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