I added a Birdbath Water Warmer and Made the Birds Happy

Well, it got down to around Twenty 26° last night/this morning, but the water didnt freeze. It automatically turns on when the temp goes down and then turns off when it goes back up. So far, so good. Hopefully it’ll last through the winter.


Please share a link to the heater and post any pros/cons you’ve experienced! :pray:

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Ok. I got it from Amazon for $16.99.

Viajero Bird Bath Deicer for Outdoors in Winter

The cord is thick and long enough to go from the birdbath to the ground and under a litttle greenhouse where I have the connections for that and the Wyze cam at the moment. It looks kind of funny behind the cam, but it’ll work until I figure something else out.
There is no on/off switch. I’ve only used it for 2 nights, last night being the coldest. I haven’t checked the temp, but I might do that one of these mornings.

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Thank you very much! thankssign

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Those birds are so spoiled, probably more than your EX- :chicken: :chicken:(s) :rofl:


You’re welcome. I looked at all the ones they had before deciding on this one.

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Haha, well, I did spoil them a lot, too.

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