Bluebirds 2024

This opens the thread where I will post YouTube videos of my bluebird in 2024.




Maybe someone put this sign on the front door.


It’s a little early here in Wisconsin for bluebirds.

I thought it was early in Illinois also. We have had -4F temps

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I put the new birdhouse up at 11:15. Went inside to eat lunch. Had a prospective tenant at 11:35.

Can’t tell what kind of bird it is.

I wanted to get the entrance and bottom of the house. This is about as good as it gets. Much much better view than the overhead view with the old birdhouse.


Will the camera get buried when they build the nest?

The v3 is mounted far away from the nest. I need to adjust the cam a bit. When the cover is off I’ll take a photo.


Papa bluebird is checking out the new digs!

He will fly around checking for nesting sites then he will bring momma bluebird around and show her what he found.


And he will say “Yes Dear” anything to keep you happy. :rofl:

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Made a minor adjustment to the v3.

Here are some photos of the new digs

I need to tip the v3 a bit more but it is too cold today. Might even move it to the side opposite the entrance.

The house came from the UK.

Link to Etsy seller


Since it is an English house does it come with Tea Service :rofl: :england:

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I think @TomG should paint a King’s Guardsman on each side of the entry.


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Already covered

Got a bit windy yesterday and blew the lid on the feeder open. Bluebird can be seen swaying then getting outta there


Looks like it may need a latch of some kind or a WYZE Lock :grin:

It was very windy yesterday. Was 80F then 20F the next.

The feeder was shaking like my house in an earthquake. :rofl:
Warm here today, 68 in the shade but rain coming tomorrow with snow on the higher hills.

Had the beginnings of a sparrow’s nest, so I took the house down, cleaned it out and repositioned the camera a bit. Not sure of the focus yet.

This house requires 4 screws be removed to get into the birdhouse. The previous house had a pin that was turned 90 degrees then a door swung open.

Update - already had a male bluebird checking out the house.

I can’t explain why the time stamp of the screen shot is after the video of the bluebird checking out the house. I took the snapshot before the bluebird appeared.

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I think this is a chickadee and a starling. The chickadee has been trying to enlarge the entrance.

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