Cougar On the Driveway

Looks like a younger cat.


That really puts the coyote and fox in my yard in perspective. WOW


Nice kitty…
Great catch.

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ohhhhhh the cougar “cat”

:rofl: :joy:


Hello, @corro23

That’s an extraordinary Cougar capture - yikes :astonished:.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

Is that a common occurrence where you live?

I agree. Not the cougar I was expecting. :joy:


I’ll gladly stick with Coyotes and Foxes in our yard vs a Cougar @mvb, especially since our pooch would probably try to fight it to protect us (wouldn’t stand a chance against a Cougar).


@ThreeTen Thanks. It was really cool to see.
I am sure there are more cougars around here, but they are rarely seen. Feel pretty lucky to have capture this video.


You’re welcome. Agreed!

True, @corro23… if there’s one I’d guess there’d be more. It’s best the camera sees the Cougars vs you being in the yard at the time one appears.

Perhaps you’ll capture other Cougar’s on your Wyze Cam… if you do, please post them.

Cougars are pretty elusive. They see you far more than you see them. We have them in some of the local hills that I get into, but I have never seen one in the wild. A cougar would have to be pretty desperate to get into my neighborhood.
BTW, my opinion. Turn off Motion Tagging - that stupid green box ruined a really good picture. One of the first tings I do with every Wyze camera that I set up.


I wholeheartedly agree with you @K6CCC, I disable that during new cam setup as well. My wife and I don’t need it enabled to know where the motion is located on the videos (it’s quite distracting to us).

Trying to figure out the general area/neighborhood this was in…My Ring app shows a large circle on a map to give an idea…any way to figure out the area on the Wyze community website?