Scaredy Cat ran FAST this time!

I happened to look out the window and saw the cat there again, so I opened the bathroom window behind him and hissed at him. I’ve never seen him run so fast haha. I also noticed the cam facing down (a bird did that when it flew off of it).

You can see the feeding table there with the moss on it. I’d love to set the cam on the other side with the nicer background, but it would be facing the sun.

That’s some of my garden stuff piled next to and on my disassembled swing.


Reminds me of the video I posted of the opossum hightailing it off the patio when the dogs started barking from inside.

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You must have a mean hiss. :slight_smile:

Always liked that term. Also skedaddle , though not as vivid…


Haha, yeah I try to do it as loud as I can. My dad taught us that. Kind of like a snake, for some reason it scares the cats away (most of the time).


My poor buddy. I’m rooting for you kitty!
Just trying to make friends… :slight_smile: Innocent until proven guilty.

:bird: :cat2:


:innocent: :joy:

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:bird::cat2: :eagle:


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