Two Videos Set up to Scare a raccoon

And I did not plan this but wanted to share the video of the broom falling so you can understand the 2nd video.

Several hours later:


:joy: :rofl: That is a brave raccoon until it sees the broom.


Yep. Banging on pots and all does nothing to scare him off. Let him come across a broom and he runs. Big bad raccoon. The cats were probably sitting there laughing at him lol




Fun vid :joy::rofl:


Great idea! It was more successful than you ever dreamed! My raccoon visitors scare me a lot more than I have ever scared them.

It only worked one time. The 2nd night the raccoon just walked around the broom

But it did scare him–even if it was only once! The one that visited my yard was apparently trying to find a branch on my tree to use to jump to the rooftop. They only need a three inch opening to get into a house!

BTW: I am also an adopter of feral/stray cats and I have eight.

Yes it did scare him. haha btw: here’s a 5 minute video of a cat and raccoon last night. The raccoon was not interested in the cat. You probably have seen raccoons around your cats too.


That video is fun,

Great vid!
Yep! Last year when we had a whole family of raccoons, I looked out in the yard and each of my chairs had a cat sitting in it casually watching the family. I wish I had had a camera on that because the kits were so darling playing in the fountain, checking out the furniture. But like your kitty, I do see that they are leery of raccoons and don’t test them. I don’t blame them.