*New Species* Flying Centipede

I had put a camera under the house to shoot raccoons as they come out of from under the house, and picked up a frightening flying centipede!!! Wyze wont let me upload because im a new user but i made a youtube video of it and here the link:

Welcome to the community, @nickanders. I have increased your trust level so you can now attach videos and pictures. :slight_smile:

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Yep. WYZE cameras have discovered many things unknown to mankind to date. Every single pixel abnormality captured on these cameras is either a newly discovered species of animal, a deceased relative in the form of an orb, or a coyote.

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I’ve seen similar things on Wyze cams a few times. I think you may actually be seeing some kind of optical effect. A motion trail from a normal-looking bug, as opposed to a centipede. But I could be wrong.

Ya at times my cams record something similar but it is so fast I can’t really see what it is. I wonder if there is some type of “noise” from the camera that attracts but just guessing…

We have the same thing in our basement. It’s happened 25+ times on camera. I’ll post mine one I’m considered not a new member (it won’t let me post videos yet).

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If you try now, I think it should work. I think the limitation is 24 hours, if I remember correctly.

For more evidence that this is indeed just an optical effect, check out this video that @Bam posted of a bat in his garage. There’s a light trail visible behind the bat that’s basically just the outline of the bat’s body. Since it’s coming toward the camera, the trail isn’t as visible as in this situation, where it goes across the camera plane at roughly the same distance the whole time, and at extremely close range. But it’s the same idea. You’re looking at one bat, not three bats.



It’s a moth, most likely. It’s wings are flapping faster than the framerate of the camera so you get multiple wing flaps in the image.

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Yes, I see this on a daily basis, I agree with the earlier poster that it is most likely a moth.

C’mon, man. If word gets out, then I won’t be able to wow people with images and videos of the other-worldly visitors that we get every night.