Flying friends in the garage

so for a while now I thought I had something breaking into my house. I was sure that it was squirrels until one day I heard what I thought was a bat squeak in one of my walls in my garage. this couldn’t be substantiated I hadn’t caught anything at all and wasn’t able to see anything or find anything. 11 a.m. this morning my suspicions were confirmed…

Now to buy more cameras for the garage so I can figure out where they’re hiding

For anyone wondering, yes, I am Batman. (See my Avatar)

And one more trimmed down and in slow motion


Sure does look like a bat , put a camera in there pointing at the ceiling


That’s definitely the Bat cave. Where is your Batmobile? :grin:


going to go buy another camera tonight for the garage :slight_smile:

and as for my Batmobile @StopICU33 I try to stay rather incognito…besides, I liked the one I had in 1989 much better


This way we don’t see you and Batman in the same place at the same time

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