This guy again


Yes, he rules and does not particularly care that you know it.

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So true

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I have found one good beast deterrent…it’s a training mat…it worked in conditioning my cat to stay off the counters

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Can you pls share an example of this conditioning mat. My wife would be VERY interested in such a thing with 6 furry bosses keeping her counters and tabletops covered in paw prints.

Yeah I think I posted a quick video of it let me see if I can find it

So here is the post I made about getting the pad with a quick video clip of my cat touching it for the first time

when I do put it up there now I don’t even turn it on. She knows when it’s up there and avoids it like the plague.

here is a link to the actual mat I bought. I have touched it and yeah it sends a little bit of a spike but it won’t cause any damage. It only runs off of 9 volt battery and we’ve all “tested” those with our tongue lol

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That we have. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
TYVM for the information. I would have to be cautious though as I have a 5.75yo w/ HCM so shock therapy is something we’ll have to discuss. :facepunch:t2: