Keeping the cat off the counter

So my lovely kitty Raja likes to try and get on the counter. I bought a new toy off Amazon, basically spike strips for cats… So far they’re doing a pretty good job keeping her down

so these are the strips…they wont hurt her, just a surface she wont be comfortable on.

and the results


Spike strips? That sounds like it would hurt.

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for some reason, it didnt upload…let me attempt to edit it

they are plastic :slight_smile: made for this reason

Ah, okay. We cannot have cats for two reasons.

  1. Our husky loves to hunt small prey.
  2. Cats really are not my thing. :slight_smile:

there finally got the videos fixed…had to shrink them and then fixed the codex in them…got it though

They need suction cups so they don’t fall off like in the second video. :smile:


Watch the cat go in between the strips.

good call, I have some that would work.