Heavy Kitty

My cat could stand to lose a few pounds :joy: !


Awww, I hope the fall didn’t hurt to much :laughing:

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Nope, he’s fine! I’m glad I had video evidence though. I almost blamed my kids because I didn’t think the cat could do that :rofl: !

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He couldn’t but he tried :rofl:

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Oh, man! That’s hilarious! My favorite part is the kitty’s expression as he goes down. Are you interested in us sharing this on our social media and in the Discover section of the app, @concordesst? :slight_smile:


Sure, you are welcome to share it!

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In defense of the cat, I will say the stand needs to gain a few pounds! :sunglasses:


Thank you! How would you like for us to give you artist credit? Would you like your username? First name and last initial? Something else? :slight_smile:

Also, what is your cat’s name? :smiley:

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LOL. Good point!

My first name and last initial are fine with me. His name is Maru. It means circle or round in Japanese. We picked it because he has a circle that naturally appears on his fur. He’s a rescue cat that we adopted three months ago.


Aww!!! That’s adorable! I love that name and reason. A+ kitty name!

Would you like to message me with your first name and last initial? :slight_smile:

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Buy him a vaulting pole. If he keeps doing it and failing, early onset Alz. In that case, call me. I know a guy…

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Well said!