BEHOLD! Here's part two of my cat jumping on aluminium foil

For those who liked the first video here, here’s part two for you,
I got a new plant that my cat seemed interested in, so I set up the Wyze cam, it worked its flawless magic and voilà!

Thanks Wyze for such amazing piece of hardware and software!

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Loved the piano one, this one is skipping the crucial few seconds in the middle for me, even on YouTube. Maybe my eyes are too slow to catch the action?

Anyhow, I never thought of tinfoil - very cool! What we use for the dogs are mousetraps under a few sheets of newspaper. Doesn’t hurt the dogs - the traps just make a loud sound when tripped by something touching the paper. Scares the heck outta them!


Yeah, you cut out the part in the middle where the cat actually jumps on it. All it shows is the cat looking at it, then it cuts out and shows the cat walk under the table and the foil is crinkled, doesn’t show the jump.

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That’s actually the point of my post. The damn thing skipped the best part, I can’t believe the Wyze cam is that buggy, I’m so pissed.
I own two Wyze cams and both shutter, and they always have. Playback have never been smooth.
That, I can live with, but having videos cut like that because the software (hardware?) is too buggy, that’s the most frustrating thing ever.
Can you imagine the frustration of having cought your cat doing that, jumping on tin foil, only to find the video cut like that… :frowning:

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Point well made! Yes, I CAN imagine your frustration! :rage:

Ah, I see. Are you using CMC or motion-only-recording then?

Maybe try increasing the motion sensitivity (what do you have it set to?), or turn on continuous recording to the SD card? Those should help.

Regardless, that is frustrating. You’d think that if it recognizes the cat walking then it should recognize a jump onto the table as motion it should be recording. So weird.

Or maybe your cat has a super power like “Invisible Boy” from Mystery Men. You know, the ability to become invisible, but only when no one (including itself) is looking. That would explain why we see the cat while it’s eyes are open, then it closes it’s eyes and disappears, camera sees no more movement, kitty hates the foil and jumps back down and opens it’s eyes so camera started recording again.

Maybe the cat is buggy instead of Wyze… :rofl: j/k

It records on motion detection, yes.
Upon exploring the sd card to see if I could recover the missing part somehow (perhaps two overlaping clips but on playback it would only play the second clip?), I discovered something interesting: the (minute#) 59 files of each hour are missing the last few seconds, as if it was taking the software a second or two to create the new folder for the next hour, thus the missing part of the clip. My cat jumped on the aluminium foil just a second or two before 15h00.


Foiled again.



Omigod, OP, you’ve gotta give this fella some heartcoin Heartcoin, let him borrow the Lexus, introduce him to your daughter, something!

Reg - yoo - ler :exclamation: Reg - yoo - ler :exclamation:


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