Working Cats needed

Working title: Working Cat

Looks like he gets his tools at Harbor Freight. :slight_smile:

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Just another day of freeloading. :joy:

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Walks on mud, socks still white. His people probably wash them for him when he gets home. :grin:

They must do a lot off washing, he’s here about 15 times a day. :socks: :socks:

We took in a stray this summer hoping she would help with outside rodents - nothing. I did have to separate her food from the raccoon/possum/flying squirrel dish though. She at least will defend her food if they get too close to her little house.

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We have a large field behind our back fence. Beyond that is a large wooded area with a creek running through. When the field is harvested, we usually have an invasion of mice. One year I caught 8.

Got tired of replacing traps, so I bought this

It interfaces with Hubitat Elevation and alerts me when it has zapped a critter. I fill the bait trap with popcorn and put a few drops of this like icing on the cake.

Five different :scream_cat: (s) on the critter freeway and Mr. Ratso is still running around in the garage and outdoors. He didn’t like the almonds or peanut butter snacks I lef for him. he also doesn’t want to taste the goodies in the enclosed bait traps I got just for him. I put some raw bacon on a trap just for him but still doesn’t appear interested :flushed:
I do wear nitrile gloves when I handle the food or traps. He has a good sniffer.

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Sounds like a :cat2: union. They want more love and respect first.


Let’s see, TJH, is that a '66 car?

(YES kind of) It is a 67 Pontiac GTO. Build date is the last week of September 1966, made at the GM Plant in Fremont Ca. (Now the Tesla Plant). First sold by “Doten Pontiac” in Oakland and registered in November 1966.

My parents had a 67 Plymouth station wagon that had a plate of VDL511. Same thing, built in 1966. One of the two cars that I drove when I was first licensed - at least until I got hit by a drunk going about 100mph…

Had a customer bring their 66 Fury in for something minor. 440 six pack. Said I could take it around the block. I punched it and saw only sky, and crept back to the shop. My only previous experience with a muscle car was my 68 Camaro with a 327.

I talked to the son of the dealer that sold the GTO, he said it was the first GTO that his father sold that year. The original color was Linden Green, it was Blue when I got it in 1995. The mother of the person I purchased it from hated the color Green so she had it repainted.

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