Why is there no "auto-reconnect when camera gets disconnected" feature?

Seriously. This would solve so many problems.

For the past month my cameras are disconnecting with error code 13 as frequently as every few minutes when I am streaming them in camera group view on an iPad.

Since apparently no fix is forthcoming, I find myself wondering why on earth Wyze does not have an “auto-reconnect” feature in the app.

It wouldn’t even be complicated to add.

I am at a loss as to why they don’t do this. :frowning_face:

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If the camera disconnects from WiFi and then comes in range of the WiFi, it will automatically reconnect. My example of that is the cameras in my truck. When I come home, they get in range of the WiFi and do normally reconnect.
However, I think you are primarily talking about situations where WiFi was not interrupted, and the camera disconnects. That is a real problem that does happen. To make it worse, the camera IS connected to the WiFi and yet shows as off-line in the app. My WiFi can tell me if any particular device is connected or not, and my router does a ping test every hour to all my IoT devices (except Alexa devices that don’t respond to ping), and reports any failures to me. So what I see is the camera really is on the WiFi and talking to the LAN, but not to the Wyze servers.
The problem is that a reconnect has to be initiated by the camera, not the server. So if the camera really is connected to the WiFi, it does not detect the failure and therefore does not need to initiate a reconnect. The firmware could be changed so that it bases the need for a reconnect from “connected to the WiFi” to “communicating with the Wyze servers”, however that would introduce a new set of problems…


I think the particular problem I’m experiencing is not actually related to the camera’s WiFi connection but rather to the server-side streaming connection to Wyze’s AWS servers.

The reason I say that is because when I experience the error (code 13) and the video feeds in my camera group stop streaming, I am able to almost instantly reconnect and resume the feeds either by clicking the big refresh icon in the middle of the screen, or by simply “nudging” the screen even a tiny bit with my finger which prompts all of the feeds in the group to be reconnected almost immediately.

The cameras never appear offline in the app, and they never disconnect from my WiFi. It’s literally just a constant cycle of:

  1. “Oh, the camera’s frozen again.”
  2. > nudges screen
  3. > camera reconnects

So what I’m saying is, instead of me having to tap or nudge my screen like an ape every 5 minutes, why can’t the Wyze app automatically try refreshing the feed every few seconds?

:rofl: If they have trouble with a simple software task of implementing “Dark Mode” do you really expect them to get “Connection Housekeeping” actually working :rofl:

If they do expect 10 other new issues arise :joy:

:joy: There are similar exhortations on this topic in my history but none as funny as this. Thanks.

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I’d like to see this improved as well. Our vacation cabin has solid wifi but a flakey (obstructed) starlink internet connection. As a result we get lots of “Failed to connect” errors that clear up immediately upon reloading the camera. There should be a retry for this error as it really is a non-error, unless, after say a minute of retries at 1 second intervals, it still can’t reconnect.


It is still doing this, making it a real second rate security camera, I keep having to tap the refresh symbol to turn it on. Particularly a problem in the second camera window the wyzecamOG can create. A 30 second refresh task if it is disconnected needs to be a number one priority for someone.

ANY WiFi connected camera can not really be considered a “real” security camera.

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Bump, there still seems to be no auto-reconnect feature, this is an important feature.

Same problem with the cams i have. Getting tired of having to power cycle them to reconnect.

yeah, automate something please wyze - push the button for me just once every 5 minutes or something. i have good wifi, 1 camera of 7 is in a flaky spot, but all of them randomly drop. Just reconnect for me and save the hassle on us.

Please, this is a MAJOR issue! Drop everything else and do this, it’s about to convince me to go shopping for a different camera system.

Coding Quality Job None :rofl:

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I am still hoping Wyze will add this much-needed feature.

Right now, 2 of my 4 cameras on-screen are disconnected with Error 13 and I have to manually reach over and reconnect them. It’s getting really tiring.

I must have clicked that damn reconnect button hundreds of times over the years.

From time to time (maybe once a month) I reboot my router. Of course my 15+ cameras all disconnect. Do I power cycle them to reconnect? Of course not. It’s automatic. They reconnect by themselves. Something else in your set up is messed up.

What can Wyze do in this situation? Detect that there’s no connection? That’s easy. Let the app command the camera to try to reconnect? It can, but it will fail again because the problem that caused it, is still there. Ask the app to power cycle the camera? It can’t.

Send a message? It can, but you already know that it’s disconnected.

Same here, I have a crappy ISP and I have to have my modem and router reboot daily. I have them plugged in on a router rebooter set to daily reboots. Also, whenever the rebooter senses loss of internet such as DNS/TCP/TLS/HTTP/WIFI failure it will reboot both the modem and router. After the reboot all my cameras instantly reconnect.

I think you’re describing a different situation to my problem.

I’m talking about the live streaming view where you can watch 4 cameras at the same time. If one of those cameras disconnects it’ll stop the stream and will not reconnect to the camera so the stream will remain permanently stopped.

It doesn’t matter whether there’s no livestream, or one or four; the underlying mechanism is the same, the cameras will attempt to reconnect.

To test this, I displayed four cameras. Then went to my router and turned off the 2.4ghz WiFi band. The display showed all four cameras disconnected. Then I turned the 2.4ghz WiFi band back on again. All 4 cameras reconnected.

But here’s a twist - I had to refresh the display to see that all 4 were back.

The Wyze app needs to refresh any display showing a reconnected camera. You’re power cycling your cameras needlessly.

But I’m not power cycling them at all.

My complaint is simply that I need to touch the display when they get disconnected / paused.

I want the display to automatically try refreshing so the live stream can continue without any interaction from me.

I got confused with your post. What you want is auto refresh and not auto reconnect. The cameras do reconnect by themselves.