Auto reconnect live feed if disconnection detected

When viewing the feed from a group or even single camera, they can disconnect, and leave an error code & refresh icon in the middle of the frozen feed to manually press. Seems a simple app feature to trigger the refresh automatically when disconnection is detected, rather than just leaving it up to you to manually trigger. As for the error code, log it somewhere the user can access for troubleshooting if required, with perhaps an alert of how many disconnects have been detected.

It seems ludicrous to have to push the button on the screen to reset the connection everytime the connection drops/glitches etc… especially when viewing quad Wyze cams on a landscape ipad that continuously fail 3 of 4 connections arbitrarily with error codes 20010, 20015, 20016 every hour!
If the cams could autoreset their offline status without human intervention it could dismiss the useless"hung" screen view containing the Connection failed message.


I have separated out these requests from Automatically restart the devices if it can't connect to wyze because they are about refreshing the camera live feed in the app.


The app eventually stops attempting to reconnect until a manual action after a certain point. In some scenarios I have cameras that are farther from the AP and I’d love an option to have it endlessly try to reconnect without need for manual action.

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It seems to attempt to reconnect three times and then hangs. I agree with the others that it is a nuisance to have to keep pressing the icons for each camera that times out. I have eight cameras set up in two groups (Indoor and Outdoor). I heartily endorse adding a feature to allow the user to set timeout/reconnect parameters such as perhaps auto retry in X seconds/minutes, I also would like to request a way to change the wifi channel remotely. Two of my outdoor cameras are mounted up high and I would have to drag a ladder from the garage to get to it to re-initialize it just to try a different wifi channel to see if that helps with some of the connection issues.

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Have an idea for a firmware advancement for the cameras.

When I’m on vacation, sometimes my cameras go offline for some reason, and I have to power cycle them to reconnect.

My thought is to have an advance option, that when selected, will perform an “if” statement based on “time”. If Wyze cam looses connection with Wyze servers for X time, camera preforms reboot cycle. It should be optional, as folks don’t always have their cameras online.

Think that should address any concerns about the connection issue if done correctly.

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Is it possible to include an auto reconnect feature with devices that could loose connection. This is constantly happening with my lights

I use an iPad in the kitchen to constantly view a live feed from 2 - 4 cameras.

Despite having a Netgear Orbi mesh system with excellent signal strength to all cameras, 1 or more will feed’s will go offline several times a day. This requires a manual push of the reconnect icon in the middle of the feed. Camera is online, just the feed stops & the app requests you to reconnect.

Please automate the reconnection. Should be simple & quick programming fix.


This should definitely be high priority. Should be an easy fix and a massive QOL increase for users, so a no-brainer!

This issue has been logged and not addressed for a few years now so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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Can’t believe this still hasn’t been implemented :person_facepalming:

My camera feeds crap out multiple times per day and I have to touch the screen of my iPad to get them to re-connect (which they do, immediately).

There is no reason why they shouldn’t attempt to auto-reconnect.

this is so frustrating and stupid to not implement. this is the main issue why i am having to shop around for a different camera brand to use for my home security.

I have 2 Android tablets setup at my desk in the basement to view outside the house and the animals. I have to hit tap on the screen to refresh every hour or so is annoying and useless.