Huge rise in "Failed to connect. Error code 13" errors after latest iOS app update

After the latest iOS app update (the one which added landscape support), I’ve noticed a massive increase in “Failed to connect. Error code 13” errors across all my cameras.

Nothing has changed in my WiFi/camera setup and the problem affects all cameras, not just those which are far away from my router or whatever.

Does the latest version of the app have less forgiving signal checks or something?

P.S. this would be a non-issue if Wyze would implement Auto reconnect live feed if disconnection detected !!!

Are your cameras in a group? And does it say failure to connect on the live feed?

This is a known issue

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Yes they are in a group.

Can you please point me to the existing thread about the issue?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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Here are the troubleshooting steps Wyze has provided, I am currently doing this rn. I have 5 cameras showing this failure to connect bug and I’m trying to provide Wyze with some logs. If you can, would be great if you could provide some logs to get this issue fixed ASAP

When the device shows offline, please take out the microSD card and wait a second before re-inserting the card (or inserting a new microSD card). The camera will then make two “ding” sounds usually within 30 seconds.

On your microSD card, there will be a root or log folder with the device log that you can access with a computer. The files are named as xxxxx_log.txt. If there are multiple logs, select the most recent log file.

When you have the log, please email it along with a description of the issue and the date, time, and time zone that it occurred to:

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It’s unfortunate to hear that this issue has been known for a while and hasn’t been resolved.

I can’t help supply logs because my cameras are not easily accessible.

It’s strange that they can’t provide a mechanism to generate logs from within the app.