iOS App v1.3.150 feedback

Upgraded my app to 1.3.150 yesterday.


Right away, could no longer connect to one of my two V1 cameras. It gets stuck on ‘Connecting Camera’ step (1/3). Connection attempts keep incrementing, and eventually it gives up with error code 90.


The other camera was working ok, until now. Just now tried switching it from SD to HD. Boom! Stopped connecting, and I now either get the same error as above, or the app just crashes and exits after several attempts to connect.


One sure way to get it to crash is to switch from WiFi to LTE while it’s attempting to connect. Insta-crash. Also, crashes often happen if I’m just navigating around the app.


Definitely a downgrade in stability compared to the previous app build (104, I think it was).


iOS version of the app, iPhone 8. Cameras are both on

Also having issues with 1.3.150 (3)

I am having issues connecting to some of my cameras, and often after viewing a camera, switching to another camera, then returning to the first camera it will crash the app. I saw on the forum this may have been fixed with a previous release, but it seems to still be happening for me.

Not sure if there is a way to see/submit logs, but if there is please let me know and I gladly will.


In the app, tape My Account then tap Help & Feedback, then Feedback at the bottom of the support screen. Fill out the form and submit. A log file will be included with your submission.

I got my first camera Wyze Cam v2 Friday June 1st. Since the initial setup I started with the iOS app version 1.3.150. All i get is the issues you describe.

Can’t connect, app crashes.

Been waiting for official support to contact me about it since Friday. After re-sending request yesterday got response that they saw my email and moving up to Tier II support.

Maybe I will go home later and test it with android tablet and see if better behavior. All I want to know if its a software issue or hardware issue with the camera.



I tried it with my an Android Tablet and didn’t have problem like on iOS. Just tablet too slow to run the application.

Yesterday re-did my wireless router setup an Asus RT-AC68U because of a new firmware recommends a system restore. Ever since doing this the camera the application is running much better. up to about 80-90% always gets connected.

So feel better its not a hardware issue.

Still waiting on tech support to get back to me. Its been now a week.