iOS Crash bug 5/16/18

We’re aware that all the iOS users are having an issue that the second time you check live stream, the app will crash immediately. We’ve set this bug as the highest priority and we aim to fix this bug today. We’ll upload another version for review today and hopefully, we can release it later tomorrow. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

I will post updated information to this thread as I have it!

Yeah, I’ve notice that today it has been crashing like crazy. Worked great all week, until today for some reason.

Thanks, this has been driving me crazy!

Update for this should be live to the public now. Please make sure your app is updated to 1.3.134. If the crashing issue continues after this update please let me know here so we may continue to investigate!

I have the latest version / firmware installed, I however keep losing connection (the stream for live view is very glitchy and once it notices action, it loses the connection). I have this right under the Wifi Box, so the Wifi connection shouldn’t be the issue.


I haven’t experienced any immediate crashes, but I have been getting periodic crashes (a couple a day) since I started using the app a week and a half ago when I got my V2. The iPad will just be sitting there happily displaying the live feed, and the app will disappear. It re-runs no problem, only to crash again some hours later.

I’m using a 128 GB iPad Air 2 running iOS version 10.3.3 and app version 1.3.134. I am still waiting for a stable iOS 11 version before upgrading, lol. iOS 12 maybe…?


The periodic iOS crashes every few hours continue under app version 1.3.150 on my iPad Air 2.


I have the same issue. I’d like to be able to run the live stream all night while my kid and I sleep, so I can monitor him from my bedroom, but every time I randomly wake up in the night, the wyzecam app has closed back to my iOS desktop and I have to re-run it. Not stable!

iPhone 6 running iOS 10.3.3 App 1.3.150

Instant crash trying to access either of two cameras from two different phones.

iPad Air running same software crashes occasionally. Not instantly each try like the iPhones.

I get have been getting an instant crash since I just added an additional camera (4th) to the system.

version 1.3.150 (latest version as of tonight)

I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling but same result.

I have the same issue as well

Camera has stopped functioning. Light is always yellow and won’t camera won’t reset. Have checked card and everything else suggested. Multiple calls to support today have resulted in an hour on hold - one cut off, once I couldn’t be heard (?) and once when I said I had an iPhone the support person cut me off. I even tried to send an email describing the problem to support but the SUBMIT button didn’t respond. Anyone else getting the run around? This Wyze 2 is less than a month old.

Yup, same problem here on iOS with app version 1.3.150. At times crashes instantly when I try to start a stream. I’m using an iPhone X with iOS 11.3

Hi! Were you able to submit a ticket with us? If so please let me know the ticket number so I can get you taken care of! It sounds like the unit may have failed.


Hello everyone! Those of you reporting the issue in June, the issue this post was originally referring to was repaired.

However, we are aware of this issue as well and it will be repaired in app version 1.4, which is just about to go Beta. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.


Big thanks to everyone for reporting these issues!

Good to hear that bug will be fixed, thanks for responding! Hopefully the app store approval comes quickly.

I spoke with the Devs and it looks like they are aiming for early July for full release. They will be doing to waves of Beta testing to ensure everything is working properly since we will have some new features being added as well!

Understanding that may not be ideal for everyone experiencing this issue there is the option to join our Beta (info on joining can be found Here). This is completely optional and just a chance to have the fix quicker as well as play with the new features. You may leave at any time be uninstalling the app version TestFlight installs and reinstall the version the standard play store has. Let me know if you have any questions!

I have version 1.3.150 and it’s crashing on my ipad mini every 15 minutes. Making it totally useless to me. Very disappointed. When it’s on, it’s great and I love the panaramic view.

Hello! Sorry for the delayed reply. If you have not already please update to 1.3.152 and let me know if that fixes the issue. If it does not I will ask you for some information, thanks!

I am having this issue too (and more than a month since the last post here). Are folks still having this “eventual” crash issue?