iOS - Wyze App is crashing when viewing live camera footage

Have iphone 7 plus with the latest OS and latest Wyze App (1.3.116).

When trying to click on a camera to view live footage the app is crashing. Sometimes it is only happening on the second time I press on the camera.

Anyone else id seeing the same behavior?



Yes. Same for me on iOS 1.3.130 (beta). It will crash every time as soon as I access a camera the 2nd time, whether the same or a different camera. I will report via the app to include the app log and I hope you will too.


Support Ticket #49045

Yep - seems like the same exact issue that I have!


I submitted Support Ticket #49046

Ignore my other reply Mickey, I see your ticket number here now. I will post my response from the other thread here for visibility.


We have been able to reproduce this issue here in the office, we are actively investigating the issue now and I will try to update all inquiring sources as I get more information!

Now that you mentioned it happen to me twice this morning on my iPhone 8 V11.3.1, thanks for reporting it so a ticket was open.

Thank you Wyze&Shine - please keep us posted.

This bug must have been date sensitive, because it worked fine all week until today.

My iPad was working until this morning now I can only view one camera, if I switch camera’s it crashes. Latest firmware, latest iOS, latest 9.7 iPad.

Yes, it was a server side change that precipitated a crash within the app. Now it requires an app change to “catch up” to the server side change.

Same problem here

my app keeps crashing after switching from one device to another, I am using an iphone6s

The issue has been identified as having been caused by a server side issue. It will be fixed by a new app release in a couple of days (due to Apple’s review requirements).

Hi everyone! The issue should be repaired now as of app version 1.3.134. If you have not already please update to this version and let me know if you continue to have this problem!

It’s June 13th and my app is having this same issue from back in May.

Downloaded the app on my older iPhone 5s and it works fine.

it’s July 12th and our cameras are still crashing,we have done every thing we are suppose to,we have talked to support 7 or 8 times,and nothing is being done about this,please help!!