I have an iPhone 11. I thought it was my phone, when I’m watching my WyzeCam footage live, my phone would crash. It doesn’t do it all the time but it’s happened enough times now that I started really noticing it more. I was having other issues with my phone at the time so I got a new phone. The other issues stopped, but Wyzecam is still crashing. Is anyone else experiencing this??

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I have an iPhone 8 plus and I have not had any issues with my Phone crashing. But there’s a huge difference between my phone in your phone so take that for what it is. Your phone is much more advanced

I have an iPhone X and have not had that issue myself. But phones crash for all sorts of reasons. I would force close the Wyze app, then delete the Wyze app. Restart your phone and then reinstall the Wyze app. See if that helps.


I haven’t actually tried deleting the app and reinstalling, that’s a good idea and definitely worth trying. Thanks for the suggestion.


Second @rbruceporter‘s suggestion. That’s general good advice for all phones. My wife has a 10XS and it, like her, has a mind of its own!