App crashes periodically

The app crashes periodically after a few hours on my iPad Air 2, iPad 2018, and iPhone 6. I am using a V2 camera, and my app version is 1.4.56. My camera firmware is

Thanks for any fix to this.


App version 1.5.50 was released this week and says it fixes this.

Fixed an issue that iOS app will crash for extended use.

My app crashed 2 days ago. Cleaned cache, delete app, re installed app still don’t work, since the update of last week

I’m using and Iphone and never had a problem until I did the update. Now the app opens and I can only view live for 10 seconds then it goes still and will not re-start. Anyone know what’s up?

Tested overnight on an ipad mini 2 running 1.5.50. I had live video of baby all night long. Looks like the original issue with “ios devices crashing every 2 hours” has been fixed.


I invested in Wyze cam and thought it could be a very good baby monitor. However, I used it last night on my ipad mini and it crashed few hours later. Baby started crying early morning and camera was off since app crashed!!! Hope there is a solution to this!

The same thing happens to me too!

My son has seizures and has had 2 in his sleep.

I need to be able to keep the monitor up and running always when he’s sleeping.

Did you ever find a resolution to this?