iOS App Crashing

I’ve been noticing that the app will crash on iPad after extended use. We currently have the WYZE Cams v2 as baby monitors and they are absolutely fantastic except for the fact that when used in conjunction with an iPad… The app crashes every night (app will be closed and the iPad will be on the home screen) and I have to reopen the app to see what’s going on. I have confirmed this does not appear to affect Android as I have an old Pixel XL that I used to test and the app never crashed all night.

I would prefer to use the iPad due to the fact that it has a larger screen and we have no use for the iPad except as a baby monitor. iPad is 10.3.3 and can’t update beyond this. Is there any fix on the way for the app crashing?

Welcome @dotEXE ! I think the problem might lie in the age of your IOS. I use an IPad running 13.3 and have had no problems with it crashing on extended runs. . I can’t remember the older IOS versions but if they are available in IOS 10.3 I would assume you have Do not Disturb and Night shift turned off.

There are some other posts about other members using the Wyze cam and app as a baby monitor. You could try searching the forum by selecting the magnifying glass at the top-right of the page, and searching for it there. :slight_smile:

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