Auto reconnect?

Newby here! Got 2 cams as Christmas gifts to monitor our mtn cabin. Just got up here to set them up (finally), updated firmware, got them online & working. Neat-O! Well, I needed to disconnect them from the power and was thinking they would automatically reconnect when powered up again - they go through the “connecting, authenticating, getting video” in the app but never show the feed. Bummer! I really need them to be able to reconnect, either automatically or by me from off site, especially since that location (western NC mtns) losses power &/or DSL occasionally.

Is there something I missed or need to do to make this work?

Thanks in advance!




Western NC. I would be happy to come check them out. Seriously, I have one that I have to unplug every few days. It always re-connects.

Thanks for the reply, Bob, but mine WON’T reconnect or hasn’t yet but I’m glad to know it may be possible - and mine did completely connect & stream yesterday! I have now tried the whole set-up process again and get all the way through the code scanning step - which it does, but then it times out before the connection is completed. Same DSL account, same router, same password but… no joy. Something is amiss. Incidentally, the cam status light is blue during this process.

Reconnect shouldn’t be an issue to the degree you are mentioning. I have my cameras connected through Wemo Mini Smart Outlets which allow me to bring a geofencing approach to my cameras. Through my Nest thermostat, the Wemos are programmed to turn on when I leave, turn off when I come home and turn on again (on a schedule) when I go to bed. They reconnect every time, but not within a consistent time frame. Sometimes I have to restart the app. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes. The boot and connect process is inconsistent and likely poorly programmed (as is much of the WyzeCam code).

You might want to look into a wi-fi heat map app which will allow you to see if there is a dead zone in your wi-fi around your camera. This could lead to glitchy connections that crap out or won’t connect at all. I have one Wemo that has this issue but the camera is in a good zone. So the Wemo struggles to connect but once it does, I am golden.

I would love to have it reconnect when my router goes out. Our router goes out randomly (due to us being on Spectrum…), and the cameras are gone. Happened last week when we were away, then this week, then today after a brief power outage. The cameras are up high, so I can’t see the status lights, but pulling the power and reconnecting them puts them right back online. More than a bit annoying! As of yesterday, I had the latest firmware.

I haven’t had this issue yet,they do reconnect for me. but a smart plug ( wyze is working on one right now) would be the way to be the way to go.

I already purchased one wemo plug, but haven’t installed it yet - obviously not ideal to spend almost twice the cost of the cam to make it work reliably. My other cam is in a socket that won’t fit a smart plug, so not sure what I can do for that one. Hope Wyze comes up with a firmware update that does it’s own restart when not connected.

The only indoor cameras that will autoreconnect after power loss are Nest cameras. So far I have had 100% reliability with them.