Make cameras that reliably connect

The general idea is that we buy your cameras so that we can see what’s happening wherever they’re placed. Getting an endless series of error messages like 0, and 60 and others - and generally not being able to connect to your cameras reliably. Well, that’s the feature I’d like to see BEFORE getting useless cameras in black or pink - or whatever.


We’re sorry, Cyrusblue. We understand where you’re coming from and we apologize. I responded to your other post with a suggestion that may improve your connectivity but we agree that we need to generally work on it. I will share your feedback with the team.

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I’m in the same boat. We need a more reliable app that always works. Make that happen and you’ll have a great product!

We apologize, vegasfordguy. Are you currently having trouble connecting?

Latest firmware on my v2 cams essentially killed auto-reconnect. i have to manually set them up, every single time.

Have you tried resetting them yet?

Yes. I think I just figured it out. Once the camera loses power, it has to lose power for a long time. This is problematic in quick power loses. I am doing some other experiments as well. It could also be that the location of the camera, which I have moved closer to the router might be the reason it has worked. It does not make sense because it has always been in the same location and wifi signal is at least 85%. But the firmware does include a wifi code patch, so… nothing conclusive yet.


I have them all connected and working now. The problem is that everytime a camera loses power whether it be a power outage or a manual restart, the cams won’t connect. Doesn’t matter how long you wait, just won’t connect. If only effects whichever cam has been power cycled. The only way around this is to hold down the pairing button for 30 seconds or longer until cam responds with the beeps and ready to connect message. Then I have to complete the wifi setup, etc everytime. I think we need a more stable update that will remedy this. I have cams mounted high so this is a real pain.

I don’t want to have to return these and go another route. I really like everything about them except this issue. If this is resolved then I’d be really happy. I even left a 5 star review on Amazon. Not trying to bash, just hope that Wyze can resolve. Thanks.


Just an update. I cannot get it to work again. My previous comments are irrelevant. Conclusion: Camera sucks for now. Frustrating.

How long are you waiting until it connects after power reset?

Over 10 minutes.

I had an anomaly yesterday. It took about 15-20 minutes for one of mine to boot after an update.

@vegasfordguy and @publicstaticvoidmain, could you please send us a log the next time that this happens? Hopefully the last time will be, well, the last time but if it isn’t we’d love to look into it. To send us logs, go to the Account section of the Wyze app, press on Help & Feedback, and then use the Report an Issue option. This sounds super frustrating and we’re sorry that you two have been dealing with this.

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Hey, I have my camera on a smartplug that turns it off during the day by cutting the power and I have not had an issue with it reconnecting. It might be because I had to set a specific channel and width on my 2.4ghz wifi on my router so that the Chromecasts would connect. It might be worth a try setting a specific 2.4ghz channel. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

All of mine are set to 2.4G as Wyze cams don’t support 5G.

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The only downside is 2.4 is always over populated in a very busy city. Other than that the compression makes using Wyze with 5G useless.

I’ll wait a few days and try to power cycle a cam and see what happens. Will report back then.