Cameras Will Not Stay Connected

Every since the last firmware upgrade, I have not been able to keep my PT cams online. I have tried removing them and reinstalling them to the app, but no joy. The only one that connects regularly is the new Outdoor Cam that is battery powered. It works flawlessly. It’s more than a little aggravating especially when I have a Cam plus subscription for one of them. Anyone have any suggestions?

Welcome to the forums! To start the trouble shooting process, we are going to need more information about your network setup, type of structure you are mounting the cams in, location and distance from the wifi source your cameras are mounted. Whatever you think is pertinent. The WCO connects to its own base, which is hardwired into your network. Thanks in advance!

Do you by chance restart your WiFi router or access point very often? I was having issues with my V2 cams staying connected. I determined it was due to the fact that I restart my WiFi access point every day at 3am. Unfortunately since the most recent firmware, the cams won’t just automatically reconnect once my WiFi network is available again. Thus I simply setup a scheduled rule to restart all of my cameras at 3:10am. This resolved my issue and the cams are now still connected to my WiFi network when I wake up in the morning.

I had a case with support regarding this matter and explained my fix. They want me to manually downgrade the firmware on all of my V2 cams to see if this fixes the issue of things not reconnected after my access point restart. I told them I’m happy with my work around and don’t want to take the time required to downgrade my firmware.

One other thing to note. Even though my rule does properly restart the cameras every day. If I look at my account settings rules history it shows that all of the camera restarts failed (timeout). That is a lie as I know the cameras restart properly. Thus you can safely ignore that lie in your rules history.

I hope my findings help you and others. Best of luck!