WCO not connecting

Around 4pm EST today my active WCO went to disconnected. I turned on my backup WCO and it will not connect. My V2 and V3 are fine.

Pull the plug out of your base then plug it back in. What color is the led on the base, Yellow, flashing or solid blue. If you have access to your cams turn the power switch off wait a min. and turn back on only if the base led light is solid blue.


The base was solid blue. It is directly connected to my router by an either network cable.

As I already noted, I turned on my backup WCO and it also would not connect.

I did not touch the base.

As of this morning, the WCO that was active is showing as connected again.

Glad you are back in business. I have the same kind of issue about every 7-8 weeks. My 4 WCO usually open in live view in 2-3 seconds, this morning they were all doing the 3 of 3 dance and wouldn’t connect. I power cycled the base that is connected via a smart plug and all 4 cams now are back to normal. Maybe I should just make a monthly schedule to turn off / on the power to the base.