Issue with WCO - status light always on solid blue; can't connect

I have a Wyze Cam Outdoor that won’t turn off and won’t connect. The camera had been working fine, using Cam-lite. When I went to check Events in the app I noticed the camera showed as offline, with 79% battery. I’ve closed and re-opened the app and turned the power switch off and back on again. The camera still showed as offline. I then deleted the device from the app and tried to add it back again. Syncing to the base station fails. The status light never changes from solid blue - even when turned off.
There is apparently no way to do a factory reset. Any ideas?

Have you tried powering down the base station?

All updates performed?

I agree with doing a power cycle on the WYZE base. For some reason I have to do this about every 2.5-3 months when I can’t connect to my cams or they do the 3 of 3 dance… I installed a KASA smart plug and connected that base to it for a power cycle from any location.

The base station and app are current and the camera was before it went offline. I powered the base station down and back up again with no effect. The main symptom here, I think, is that the blue status light on the WCO never goes out even when the power switch on the camera is turned off.

Solid blue usually means its working fine. Other Lights

Is your cam by chance in a group, there have been many issues with WCOs in groups not connecting. Is it stuck on 3/3 or what.

Weird that its not turning off though, maybe try to set it back up by holding the setup button?

I understand the blue light is staying on even with the switch off. It appears that the camera might be defective.

Try one more thing if you haven’t already. Power down the base station and take the SD card out of both the WOC and base station. Power the base station back up snd then the WOC. Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

It’s a longshot but worth trying. I have had a faulty SD card cause rebooting issues.

Also, have you recently updated the base station, is the status light on the base solid yellow? The recent update has had issues causing some devices to be bricked. How many cams do you have on the base, and are they all having the same issue? You can contact support to get a replacement if the firmware was the cause.

The status light on the base station is solid blue, I have a 2nd WCO installed and working fine.

Yea thats strange, and you have tried deleting it from the app and setting it back up?

Having that important piece of information earlier would have been nice.
The WOC is faulty. Time to start a support ticket.

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I have the same exact problem. Solid blue light when powered off/on, after reset. It’s annoying. Got a replacement unit, that ones working fine. I’d really like to get this one working as well.