Wyze Cam Outdoor is offline and I cannot turn it off

My WCO is showing offline. The base is online and I have rebooted the base.

The blue led is on solid on the WCO.

I have tried to power it off by sliding the power button to off. It does not turn off (blue led stays on solid).

Any ideas?

Would try plugging the WCO into the Base for charging overnight. The light should change one way or another. Next is to call support +1-206.339.9646

Here is a link to the Status Light Guide (detailed).

I noticed after leaving the power button in the off position for awhile (not sure how long) the led went out. Like it finally turned off or it took that long for the led to discharge. Powered it back up and it is working fine. Not sure what really went wrong here.

Thanks for the Status Light Guide link. That is helpful if this happens again.

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