WCO - No activities - Just solid blue light - Unaccessible

Battery indicator shows 0% at 5:00 am after being fully charged less than 6 hours before - that’s the second time. Not a single motion detection/event. No notifications. No alerts.
The app was not on livestream, but it does work.

Unable to use or rely on this cam to do anything indoors or outdoors.
Please help - advice if this brand new unit is defective.

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Same thing happened to me and a few others after the latest firmware update. Hopefully we will get a fix soon. For now my camera is a paperweight on my desk, as it us unusable and no point in mounting it back up when it doesn’t do anything but eat through the battery

The light on the back of the camera was solid blue? If you fully close or force close out of the app on your phone or device, what does the status light on the camera do?

have you ever used alexa/google/tinycam with the outdoor cam ?

DId this happen after firmware upgrade to latest beta version ? if so, pls refer to this page for a short term fix.

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Thank you! That seems to be working for me now. After doing this, the blue light goes out after a motion event.

Never did.

Yes, the back led was blue and app was closed.

Did the blue led light on the cam go out then? Now are you getting events triggered? Your battery life should drastically improve now too.

Yes, that is exactly what happened - thank you for your insights.