Outdoor Cam stopped working

Camera was working fine until last night. I moved it closer to get a better view of our cars since a neighbor had issues with his car being vandalized two nights in a row, Camera is now not working. I followed all the help instructions provided by wyze. Camera light is not blue its just not working, Any ideas?
P.S It sucks that they only provide support via email.,

I know the Quickstart Guide says a solid blue light on the Outdoor camera indicates “The device is working properly”, but they really mean something closer to “The device is currently working – and properly too!” :slight_smile:

They key difference here is that light only comes on when the camera is actively doing something. For instance when you are connected to the camera’s live stream or in its settings. Or, after the PIR sensor picks up warm movement in front of the camera. To conserve battery power it is extinguished the rest of the time, as is the camera.

To test that light or the camera, just connect to it using live stream. If you want to test the PIR sensor, wave your hand in front of the camera. However, that will only wake the camera (and thus the light) based on the Recording Cooldown you have set in Event Recording. And of course if you are NOT connected via live stream or in the settings, because the light would already be lit then.

If you have already tried live stream and it really isn’t working, then you may have moved the camera out of range.

To contact Wyze Support by phone, call +1 (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT.

@Newshound, wow. Really nice effort and work explaining how WOC works. Lots of info there that I had not heard before. You are quite the contributor to helping many people here. Thank you in behalf of all.

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Thank you! I called support and the camera had to be reset all over again.