Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 Teardown and reconstruct

Hi All, I bought a used camera which wasnt detecting motion even though all the settings were correct. I did a full teardown to check for any visible damages/detached wires, etc including checking the connections to the PIR. I put back everything.

The camera power back but I just have the blue light coming and going away(solid blue that comes in every 30 seconds or so) but the camera is not getting back online. When I charge the camera, the red blinking light comes on as usual.

Any thoughts? Did I miss a step or two?

Appreciate your inputs.


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There’s no way to know what you may have missed. Maybe the antenna wire? That one can be a pain to connect and snap in properly. I don’t have any V2’s left anymore, but I’ve taken quite a few apart in the past to fix the foggy lens cover issue and modify lenses on both V2 and V3.

Just so you know, there is no motion sensor on those cameras, so not detecting motion wasn’t likely from hardware. The cameras use software to detect pixel changes in the image to detect motion, so it may have been something in the detection settings in the app.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, the antenna could be a reason, however, I did snap back the antenna into the button.

Are you referring to Wyze cam outdoor v2 here
since this is where I have issues.

My understanding is that Wyze Oudoor V1/V2 has a PIR sensor to “wake up” the camera and detection/ recordings continue based on pixel changes to the image.

I don’t know if Wyze security feature kicks in as I opened all the way into the core I including the board sandwich though I put everything back the same way.

Hope we can find a solution through this forum :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help.

One more data point. I am getting a purple light(a combo of blue and yellow that happens when we do a manual firmware update through a SD card).

Ah, I mistakenly thought you were talking about the regular V2, not the battery version. Sorry about that.
That being the case, I’ve had just about all camera versions since the original except for the battery cameras, so I have no experience with those.