Outdoor base issue

Hi all.

Had Wyze for a long time but just got the Wyzecam outdoor a about 2wks ago. Love it but I’m having a problem, it will suddenly quite detecting video to the base and no alerts or recordings. I can view them through the app no problem and see everything live but wont do the 12sec recordings to the cloud. If I unplug the base and plug it back in it works again and detects movement and 12sec recordings. I have great connection. Anyone else with the same issue? Any thoughts? Thanks first question on here.

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What firmware version is the base using- ?


I have never had that problem. Are you connected to the base station via ethernet or wireless ? I assume when you say you have a good connection you mean between the camera/cameras and the base like this? 2.4 GHZ network. It also appears other users are having issues, see this post.

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Yes thats my same issue. I always just unplugged base from the back power unit supply but I’ll try to unplug it from the router next time. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone

I am new here so I can only reply like 3 times to one topic. There is a related topic and since I cannot reply there anymore and wanted to add to this one that myself and more people are having the same issue like yours and it occurred on same day. We all have the latest non-beta firmware on our devices so we cannot go any further.
Fix for now is to power off and on your base. I don’t know exactly how long this fixes it, but happens on both wifi/ethernet connections. So it’s either a bug in firmware or wyze service issue.

Thanks for reaching out and letting me know. I truly appreciate