Need the re-connection to be more robust in the app!

VERY often there is some “can not connect” issue thst is resolved by force closing the app and trying again. Pretty much that always fixes the problem.

Why? Its not 1995 anymore, when "just reboot it’ was the fix for everything.

This severely impacts the impression this product makes on its end users.

Fix the app. Make it clean up after itself. Make it able to “restart” the connection to a camera itself, without having to close the app.

Whatever is causing connection errors that require closing the app needs to be FIXED. Its to the point where closing the app and reopening it is part of normal usage, several times each day. That is ridiculous. This surely isn’t “by design”.

Cmon guys… I’ve been using this for 2 years now, patiently waiting for this to be addressed. Because back in the beginning, I figured SURELY this big issue would be rectified.

I experience this in multiple devices, multiple locations, any of the cameras. Its a built-in feature at this point and ive had to train my users how to close an app.

Has it improved? Sure. But theres no reason to have to close an app multiple times throughout the day to make it work. Theres a problem in the code.

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I agree
but we’ll just have to wait longer I’m sure