We need your input and we have a GIVEAWAY - Wyze Home Monitoring Week 4

Hi Wyze team. Thank you so much for continually producing great smart devices at reasonable prices. I’ve purchased several of your products now and I’m very pleased with all of them.

I recently purchased the home monitoring system for our home and we still have it on test mode for some of the reasons I will list below. I have been learning the system, grouping cameras, sensors, motion detectors, etc… I really enjoy having everything accessible from my app.

  1. Push alert/pop up : This is one of the most important things to me…Once the system is armed, if a sensor is tripped, there is currently no alert to my phone! What if I am away from home and the alarm goes off because one of my young kids sets it off and they don’t know how to turn it off? What if my wife and I are outside the home and the kids open a door and set it off? We currently only know the alarm is triggered because we hear the noise from the central hub. But what if we are too far from the hub to hear it? A push alert to my phone would allow me to check the cameras and determine whether to contact noonlight or police immediately (even if I’m far from home).

  2. I would like to know if my system can be set up to have noonlight monitor my system without contacting police? I’m wary of bringing police to my home for accidental alarms and the cost I may have to pay. Since we have children, anything can happen.

  3. sharing the system controls with other email addresses/ accounts/ users. In order for my wife to have access to the alarm system controls on her app, she has to abandon her wyze account and log on using my credentials. Eventually, when my children are older, they will also require access to the system to prevent triggering an alarm.

  4. options for excluding noonlight or asking noonlight to never call police to my home without my permission. I generally frown on people with guns coming to my home, regardless of their credentials.

  5. STICKERS: I have 7 points of entry into my home so the (2) stickers included in the kit aren’t enough. I need one for each door. Also, I’d really like smaller ones for each window. Truth is, the stickers and cameras are more of a deterrent and may prevent anyone from attempting a break-in. In this way, the stickers are more valuable than the whole alarm system. Please make them available for purchase separately and create smaller versions for windows.

  6. V3 accessories: I currently have my V3 cams set up in-doors facing outside. I can’t use the night vision because it causes glare from the reflection in the window. I read about a new faceplate that would help the V3 set flush against the window and I’m hoping that will help reduce glare but even if it doesn’t, I’m still looking forward to those coming out. Adhesive needs to be strong enough to last a while.

  7. Sensors: When I originally purchased the system, I thought about getting sensors for every entry point into the home. Since then, I’ve seen advertisements about using sensors for other things as benign as. ? cookie jars. I hadn’t thought of that sort of application but now I need several additional sensors and I can’t buy them separately. Why?

Your products are amazing and a few tweeks to this system will make it top notch. Thank you for having this forum and listening to our suggestions.

God Bless!



Hi Team,

I really appreciate that you make affordable products. I got my monitoring system and they work great!. The v3 cameras are outstanding.

  1. Cellular backup
    One thing that I miss badly is this. It gives a lot of peace of mind and in my opinion completes the checklist of features.
    Just having a power backup is meaningless as the power will turn off the router as well.

  2. Allow the monitoring service to access to at least 10 cameras.
    Most of the motion sensing is already done by the cameras. Allowing the personnel to view the camera will reduce chances of false alarms. This is already there but is very limited(to 5).

  3. Allow ordering of separate accessories.
    I realized that a keypad would be handy for me but I am unable to place an order now.

  4. weatherproof. - at least waterproof.
    The “home” mode is to monitor the periphery of the house. It is meaningless to have it to monitor the insides of the house.
    There must be door entry sensors and motion sensors that must be put at the yard entrances, entryway and near the porch.

  5. Make the next gen hub backward compatible.
    Assuming the next generation hub gets new features like cellular backup, please make them such that they work with the existing sensors so that we need not buy them again or install them again.

  6. Notifications for account login
    A hack of the credentials would be bad as the alarms can be disarmed. Please enable two-step verification and enable email notifications for every login and checks for suspicious activity.

  7. We already inform Google/Alexa that we are “Leaving home”. Please enable them to control the Wyze sense.

  8. Add a false code
    If I punch in the false code and disarm the system, the siren must stop but the emergency system must be dispatched.

  9. Widget controlled
    Please add a smartphone widget which sets Home/Away/Disarm mode.
    We always have to open the app, browse to the section and arm it. Long process.

  10. Smartwatch app controlled
    Even better than 8 would be to make a shortcut button on iwatch or wearos/tizen.

Please provide direction in the installation instructions about how far apart the motion sensor needs to be from a door monitor. I installed the system and worked with it for 5 days in test mode with no issues. After arming for the first time and leaving for the airport I received a call from Noonlight that they were calling the police because motion was sensed. With the safe word I was able to stop the call advising it was a false alarm. However false alarms continued on the hour exactly to the minute every 2 hours. After posting in the forum another used explained it was the sensor triggering a motion alarm because they were located too close together. I am now 1800 miles away for 6 months so I deleted the motion sensor because I am not there to move it. The door sensors must “check in” with the main hub every 2 hours on the hour. Better yet tweak the code to tell the motion sensor to ignore alarms triggered by the door sensors that happen exactly every 2 hours.

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I was previously using the Simplisafe security system. I had the V1 system and liked it fine enough, but was excited to move to Wyze. The idea of having all my Wyze products working together made a lot of sense to me. I switched to Wyze Home Monitoring mainly because I wanted my security system to control my cameras. This was the first thing I tried doing once I got it all setup, but was disappointed to not see this feature incorporated yet. Below are some features that I have enjoyed with Simplisafe and some other features that would be extremely useful with the home monitoring.

Family account management:
My wife is unable to share access with the home monitoring. Right now I just have to sign into my accont on her device so that she is able to remotely turn the system on and off. I have seen this mentioned in other posts, but it really is a big deal to get this working.

Multiple Pins for keypad:
A nice feature from Simplisafe. I was able to make customized pins for my inlaws and parents. It was much easier for them to remember a pin set as their birthdate than the random numbers I used for my own pin.

Add Home Monitoring Status to Rules:
I want the Home monitoring alarm status (Disarmed, Home, Away) available as triggers in the rules. The idea is that when I am away I can turn on all my cameras inside my house, and when I am home all my cameras will be turned off.

Chimes from Keypad/Hub when sensor is triggered:
A nice feature from Simplisafe was to have the door/window entry sensors make an audible chime sound whenever it was opened. This could come from the keypad or the Hub. I don’t always have my phone on me, and it would be nice to hear an Audible chime when one of the kids opens a door. Constant notifcations on my phone is more of a nuisance than the Chime in my opinion, but I want to know when a door is opened.

Wyze Doorbell Chime as Action in the Rules:
This is not necessarily specific to Home Monitoring system, but I figure the Doorbell chime could also be used as another means to make a chime sound for the entry sensor. This would also make it feel more like one integrated system when I buy Wyze products rather than having a bunch of different Wyze products that don’t necessarily work with each other. Simplisafe had a seperate Siren Speaker that I purchased in order to have the alarm siren be extra loud. The Doorbell Chime could also be used as another loud speaker for the siren or other notifications from the home monitoring system.

Panic Button
Simplisafe sold a Standalone panic button that could be pressed to instantly trigger a siren/call the police. I luckily never had to use this, but it was nice to have this as an option to run into a room. I know that the app has a button, but sometimes you just don’t have your phone on you in an emergency.


Wyze Restricting HMS to One Per Account

I know this wont be an issue for most people, but everyone should know that you cannot have more than 1 HMS from Wyze. So for instance you can have one for your home, but then you cannot add another one for your office, or AirBnB, or whatever. I truly find this perplexing why they would want to limit the number of systems they can sell to only 1 per account holder? And I sure wish they would have mentioned this before I bought 3 of them…

Cell backup is really Security System 101 - if the power went out, you would have no idea that your place is being robbed…

They mentioned at launch that multiple HMS systems was something they were going to develop in the future, it just wouldn’t be ready at the very beginning. Supposedly this is why they have allowed us to start testing out the “Homes” feature of app so that we can eventually have separate home profiles for multiple devices including multiple HMS accounts. It is definitely something a lot of people with multiple properties want.

So far I have been happy with the home monitoring system. Have had a few small issues but nothing major.

#1. A different way to mount the entry sensors. Sticky tape doesn’t hold entry sensors properly as my door has moldings around the opening. I did resolve it by buying a more aggressive double sided tape at the local hardware store and did discover that the entry sensors are quite forgiving of a large gap between the magnet and the sensor. Perhaps a kit to permanently fasten the sensors to the door/moldings? The actual magnet is quite small, perhaps a couple of pre drilled holes in the magnet for small wood screws? I may try and modify mine in the future but for now I just live having to retape them. I have had no problems with the tape holding the motion sensor.

#2. Additional sensors. I understand that global supply shortages and a desire to fulfill the preorders first have delayed provisioning of them, however it would have been difficult to impossible for me to determine exactly what number and type of sensors I needed until the kit was actually installed.

#3. Multiple codes for multiple users to see who used the alarm keypad and when it was done.

Overall I have been happy with the system and how it works. Thanks for developing such a system.


Additional Sensors
They are available for your initial order, but not available after. This was not disclosed at the time or order. I wanted to try the kit out before I went all in and bought sensors for all my doors/windows. I can’t really build a complete system for my house without getting additional entry sensors. I don’t understand why they are still available for new orders, but not for existing customers who want to expand their coverage?!

Highest priority for me is some integration with other systems, I have migrated mostly Home Assistant, but still have lots of devices just using smartthings as a bridge to Home Assistant. I’d be happy with integration with either, or even IFTTT (not my favorite, but at least it’s something), as long as I could arm and disarm the Wyze. I mostly need to not train everyone in my house on another app. Plus if I run everything through Home Assistant I can use automations/geofencing/handle multiple users, etc. without waiting for Wyze to implement any of them.

A chime/audible alert when a door opens from the hub or keypad (or both) would be fantastic. I don’t have my phone on me at all times so I don’t always catch notifications. Since I have small children, and an in-ground pool out back, knowing whenever a door opens in my house is invaluable to the safety of my kiddos.

I agree with most of the comments as posted here already. I think three key things for me would be:

  1. MULTI-USER SUPPORT: This is a three parter.
    a. In app multi-user support so that others can have app based disarm-home-away functions, respond to events, and see events.
    b. Multiple user codes on keypad with potential for expiration dates.
    c. Noonlight should support a multi-user phone tree for calling to verify. If I’m not available, then they should call the next person, then go to emergency services.
  2. INTEGRATION: Needless to day, the Wyze devices need to allow for better integration with other home automation services: Smartthings; HomeKIT; HA; etc.
  3. WEB SUPPORT: The Home Monitoring System should have web accessibility. 'nuff said.
  4. everything else already posted here, but these would be my top three (yes this is number 4 of three. 42)
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Multiple emergency contact numbers
Self Monitoring Mode
Chime with door open/close
Google assistant integration
Integrate Wyze lock code to disarm/arm
Web support/access to status including video feeds


I am paranoid about turning on my HMS because I run our Wyze Vaccum in the middle of the night and I am afraid the vaccum will set off the motion sensor. Can anyone tell me difinitively that the vaccum will not set off the motion sensor. I want to be able to take the system out of Test mode but am afraid of unnecessary and unwanted calls to the first responders because of the Wyze vaccum or someone stepping out the wrong door (patio sensor needs a timed entry/exit) as we use this door quite often to come and go.

Few more things I miss:
11. Option to enable detection of all movement(Since I do not have pets I dont expect anything)

  1. There are few flexible options for cameras that aren’t available for motion sensors:
    I would not want to know about each motion when I am in home. There will be hundreds of alerts.
    But I do want to know when I am outside. There should be either or both:
    a. Ability to set a rule to enable this.
    b. Turn it automatically when monitoring system goes to away.

  2. The home mode is basically to monitor the periphery of the house. The inside of the house must also monitored at night. There should be an additional “sleep time” mode. Sleep time mode is basically away mode minus bedroom sensors.

  3. There must be notifications immediately when the alarm is set and ability to set different notification sounds on the phone. It would also be great if there was a way for certain notifications like these to bypass “do not disturb” mode.

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Here’s another thing…

Critical Alerts on iOS–These are not overriding mute. It looks like maybe it will push the notification when in DND or other, but it is not providing an audible alert. There is a feature where you can override mute in iOS. You should implement this to make the Critical Alerts useful. Just getting the notification to show on the screen isn’t useful.

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This may have been suggested or there something better. I already had a wyze outdoor plug for Xmas lights. I repurposed it along with a strobe light I also had and a siren ($30 Amazon). Easy enough now for me to either activate direct in wyze app or set a routine in Alexa to activate by verbal command. Other routines possible to activate on a sensor toggle, add timer, triggers etc…

  1. Share with multiple users because my spouse should be able to enjoy the same experience with HMS that I do. Logging into my account is not feasible for her because we have a scale, bands, and watches that require separate accounts.
  2. Sound a chime when any door or window is opened like with most home security systems. I want to know when someone is entering or leaving my house. It could be an intruder, or my elementary aged children sneaking out to jump on the trampoline.
  3. Multiple phone numbers for Noonlight to contact during an alarm. I do not always have access to my phone when I’m at work but my spouse does.
  4. I’m really hoping for add-on smoke detectors in the near future. It would be useful to integrate with HMS and allow Noonlight to summon the fire department.

I would like to have push notifications or texts when arming and disarming the system.
I would like to purchase more sensors and another keypad.
Have the hub sense fire and CO2 alarms.

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I thought I’d read the hubs already detect alarms.