We need your input and we have a GIVEAWAY - Wyze Home Monitoring Week 4

I sleep later and wake earlier than spouse. Would be good to be able to have the hub in master configurable so that arm/disarm audibles in the master bedroom is silenced (to not wake spouse). But actual alarm triggers does sounds on all hubs.

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Apple HomeKit integration, please!

Geo-fencing is a great idea. A panic alarm to trigger the monitoring company is also important!

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  1. Door/sensor chime on Hub and Keypads (notify of entry or open of sensors).

  2. Multiple assignable security codes (know who turned the system on and off).

  3. Silent Delay for setting Home (when set in middle of night the 30 sec chime is deafening).

  4. Shorter Delay for arming (15 seconds would be nice for smaller homes).

  5. External Chime/Siren (similar to the Doorbell chime).

  6. Google Home Integration.

  7. Glass break sensor of some kind (or integrate with WyzeCam to detect breaks).

  8. Support of multiple Hubs to create sensor zones (upstairs, downstairs, pool house, etc.).

  9. Wired keypad option that would allow more features without compromising battery life (could have battery backup).

  10. WyzeCar integration (WyzeCar will actively chase intruders repeating a recorded message to intimidate them until the police arrive). :grin:


Well the last time I installed the cellular backup it was $7/mo. It is a low speed data device that just interfaces with the HMS monitoring company.
I now have a MIFI that is battery powered. It would work perfectly if the internet and power was disabled at my home. I would like Wyze to allow a backup SSID to be entered so that the hub will establish a connection when the primary Wifi goes out.


That’s funny! I had the same idea yesterday. I used to have a Freedom Pop free cellular that delivers up to 200 MB of data for free per month. Having a second SSID capability as a failover would work great and not cost anything. Depending upon the data traffic being sent/received (it probably is pretty small), maybe you make that primary and just keep it active all the time - you can get cellular internet for free! Need to investigate this further!!

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Yes - please allow some type of backup option - the Wyze HMS is just a brick if the power goes out or your internet goes down in a storm or whatever - imagine being on vacation and your internet goes down - your house is totally exposed and vulnerable - I have been there and it is not good!

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I would like to delete some preset apps on the wyze watch. Other than that, im loving it!

Fantastic list of suggestions. Once they take join this input into a master listing, filter, prioritize, final decide upon and act they could have an absolute steal of a deal that will sell like hotcakes. Oh wait, you can’t supersede competition in such dramatic fashion. The system won’t let them be the best bang for the buck long time running. I don’t mean this in any fashion of attack, I’m confident you’re a good company doing good things and buy quite a bit of product. My HMS has been in place without removing the test mode for a month now. If I can’t remove the possibility of false alarm reporting to police (and be paying them), I will not continue with ongoing service charge. If the system does not offer great feature listing without the service, I’ll give it away to one of my kids for some sort of usage as they can muster and go with else. I’m confident this HMS will work out though, in some capacity, it’s just that there are some factors outside of a single companies abilities that control certain outcomes. So feature improvements will always lag at a pace and have a maximum.

Perhaps this has been suggested and I missed it, but I would like to see bundle pricing on Cam-Plus or some kind of discount strategy for selectively building our own home monitoring subscription plan.

It would incentivize the subscription side of things in my mind to make the subscription purchases more palatable. Like most, I hate the idea of recurring subscription fees and have been onboard since the beginning when we were promised none. However, I get the need to have a sustainable business model and if you can make it value-add enough (and affordable) to create a win-win - I am more inclined to subscribe annually. You have competition, but most of us believe Wyze can do it better while staying true to their founding principles.

  1. Geofencing for x minutes sounds brilliant. All x logged members might be away and as a backup method, Wyze auto-away is fetched. Disabled as default to prevent triggering during setup and/or between active subscriptions (if it is a paid option).

  2. Alexa panic phrase.

I haven’t received my home unit yet. Comments are based on posted content.

I have a question on the alarm as well- I don’t know if it’s an option that is already available and I missed it, but I think it would make sense to trigger the siren on any connected V3 cameras in addition to the base station. Whether it’s from triggering the panic button/phrase or the alarm triggering when a door is opened when the system is armed.

I’m all for the silent option for arming. I don’t mind the beep if I’m leaving the house, but I most certainly do NOT need a beep for when I arm it for “home” mode at night. Why wake people up when I arm the system? I don’t even use it now due to that problem. And the multiple access is also needed, I would like to have one “master” code and then be able to set up a temporary code for a guest, or a permanent OTHER code for a child since I wanted to use the same code for this as I use for my iPhone - don’t want my kid trying the code out on my phone and finding out he can unlock it now. :slight_smile:

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A vast improvement would be the ability to add to the system. My kit has 2 entry sensors. My house has 7 entry doors and around 7 windows that need sensors as well. I wanted to test the system and compare it to Simplisafe that I have had for years. The Wyze system has far better range between the hub and the sensors (a weakness I have been fighting with SS). However, I really like the following features of Simplisafe that Wyze does not have yet (but probably could without much difficulty). Those are: 1. the ability to have multiple PINS set up so I know instantly when I get a message of who it is, 2. have each keypad beep when the alarm is set. Even when the hub is set on high volume, I cannot hear it’s beep throughout my elongated house. 3. The ability to add additional siren unit to the system to cover a larger house, and that the siren also have the ability to put out a beep whenever a sensor opens which is super handy when there are toddlers and youngsters that can access my pool by going out certain doors. Could be a life saver. If Wyze had those features, it would definitely be my favorite.

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These are great suggestions! :slight_smile:

At the top of this thread SunnyW says that release “…[f]ixed a countdown issue when arming the system”.

Can someone from Wyze clarify that this countdown issue is specifically the countdown when going from Disarm to Home ?


They could accomplish this by allowing the V3’s to sync to the alarm system since V3’s already have a speaker and siren function built in. Just allow us to select which V3 cams we want as siren extensions, so that their siren goes off any time the HMS siren is triggered. Since they have a speaker, they could also work as chime extensions to do the beep whenever a sensor opens. I think this would be an awesome integration for the HMS. Turn the V3’s into siren and sensor alert sound extensions. Then we can easily extend that across our entire house just by adding another cam and telling the HMS to sync it as an extension for all HMS audio events.

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every one keeps talking about Geofencing I may be slow but can someone tell me what that is?

It’s just a phrase that means using the GPS on your phone, like how Google Maps or Apple Maps or Waze or any other mapping program can give you directions from your location to anywhere else. Well, as long as you have “Location” enabled on your phone, you can allow those apps, like the mapping apps, or in this case, Wyze, to be able to tell when you are home and when you are not home.

Then you tell Wyze that whenever you are not home (or nobody in your family is home, based on their cell phones’ location) to arm your alarm system automatically, and when you are home, or get close to home, it can disarm your system automatically. Or do other things based on exactly where you are from the GPS on your phone.

That’s it. Geofencing is just a fancy way of saying allow the app to see my GPS location so it can do some things automatically. You can still turn off the location on your phone, or deny location access to the app if you don’t want it, but it will allow those who do want it to be able to use it. Nobody loses because you still get to choose whether you will allow it or not, but if you allow it you get lots of benefits and automated things you can do.

Does that help to clarify?

yes thank you

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