Service Advisory - 4/19/2023

4/19/23 4:32 PM PT - Our services are recovering and we’re keeping an eye on the metrics. We’ll let you know when we’re fully recovered.

4:16 PM PT - We are looking into an issue that is preventing Cam Protect and Wyze Home Monitoring alarms from functioning and the Monitoring tab from loading. We’ll get this resolved as soon as possible and are sorry for any difficulty caused by this issue.


When I opened the monitoring tab , I would get this :

I cleared app cache and force closed app to no avail. What got the monitoring tab to load was by deleting the app and reinstalling it again.

I’m on an iPhone 8, just thought I’d let others know of what fixed the issue for me

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I think your reinstall solution was a coincidence/great timing. The problem appears to have been fixed about 5 minutes ago.


Not fully yet


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UPDATE: I chatted with Wyze online, and was told to set up with a temporary PIN, then after successful setup, change the temporary PIN back to the preferred PIN. This worked, but it’s a bit annoying.

The app is asking me to set up home monitoring, which I did around two years ago. It then refuses to accept my PIN, saying that the PIN has already been used before. Help!

Cam plus is bad enough, no way I would give a cent for so called 24/7 monitoring. Bottom line, WYZE is not reliable enough to be considered a serious security solution. I like how they now release firmware with known bugs…awesome!