Unable to load monitoring settings

I installed the firmware update automatically after having to reset all of my monitoring (change of wifi routers). Everything went well until the end when I selected Home Monitoring in the app. I get “Unable to load monitoring settings”. Option to reload does nothing! I am dead in the water. Looking for support.

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I have the same issue after I replaced my hub. As soon as you shut down the app it gives this message when you try to select it. I am calling it the white screen of death (from the other thread I posted in)

From talking with support, it sounds like we will need to wait for the next app update for it to be resolved.

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If you have not already call, chat or email support so they can log the issue and keep track Rolf what’s causing it.

I have the same issue and opened a ticket and submitted a log, but it doesn’t seem they would do anything about it. The response I received was that they were going to close my ticket even though I didn’t receive a resolution.

I deleted my device and added it back. That seemed to work for a few hours, until I turned my alarm on and my app showed the “white screen of death!”


I tested on an old version of the app and the most recent.

I think it might have something to do with the hub more than the app. So I hope they issue a hub and app update soon.

The issue only started after I had to replace my hub trying to fix the volume decrease from 2 updates ago. (Volume on high is as loud as it originally was for medium. )

Same old hub in my case. I don’t want to reinstall the app (just yet) for fear i won’t be able to set up the rest of the security, which is working right now - just limited on what i can change.

I am experiencing the same problem. Whenever I attempt to open my Home Monitoring service I receive an “Unable to load monitoring settings”. I followed the advice of support and tried to reset service and received this message: “Home Monitoring reset service failed”. I then deleted the app from both my iphone and ipad and rebooted both devices. I then reinstalled the wyze app and logged into my account. I’m still getting the same error messages when I try to open Home Monitoring and also when I try to reset the Home Monitoring service. I’m very disappointed and unwilling to pay for home monitoring services when it’s currently unavailable through the app. Support has been less than helpful so any advice is appreciated.

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From what I gathered it sounds like it is an issue that will need to be fixed with a firmware and possibly an app update. So I think we need to wait until they post those. It sounded like they were working on it and I’m assuming it would have to be a top priority, otherwise they could lose all their customers.

So I’m just hanging tight to see. The volume level stuck lower than original was not fixed on the last update but was a little louder than it was, just not as loud as the original. That’s been over a month of being semi worthless. And now with the white screen of death, it’s become a larger issue. I’m hopeful they will have an update soon in the next 2 weeks since they are shipping new devices.

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Hey Viper,

Thanks for the quick response. I’m working with tech support right now but given the email string associated with this issue I’m not too hopeful. I agree that the problem may get resolved with an update but in the meantime we’re all staring at the white screen of death (nice name by the way).

I’ll post a solution if my contact can get this resolved … fingers crossed!!

Thanks again,


I am having the same problem. Customer no service did not help much. Had a technician come to my home this morning to update my modem thinking that was the problem. Really mad I can’t use my alarm. Cameras work great!

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I believe I have the same problem. I found that if I delete the hub, then select “Monitoring”, the monitoring function will reset and you can add the hub back as step one in the monitoring setup process. If you try to add the hub back using the plus sign on the home page, the monitoring function will fail and will not reset. I’ve submitted a wishlist item to fix this.

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I don’t remember which way I set it up, I believe I went through the monitoring tag when I reset up everything. Are you saying you had the white screen of death, then reset up the system and the white screen of death is no longer there and everything is working?

The app worked fine until you closed the app, then after re-opening the app the monitoring tab was a white screen, with unable to load monitoring settings listed at the top.

(Also on an iPhone)

No - my issue sounds very different. I had a hub set up using WiFi and it was working fine but it would not pair anything if connected via Ethernet. So Wyze sent me a new hub, which I connected via Ethernet while the old hub was still connected and then used the “add device” plus sign on the app home page to add the new hub. Once I verified the new hub worked, I deleted the old hub and paired all my devices to the new hub. That all went well, but when I selected “Monitoring” (which had been completely set up for the old plug), I got a screen that said setup was not complete. When I selected “complete setup”, it gave me a new screen that said not to add any devices until I followed the setup steps, but there were no steps to follow. When I went to exit that screen, it gave me the option to “reset setup” but when I selected that option, it said “failed.” So I never got a completely blank screen when selecting “monitoring”. But the only way I could get the monitoring setup function to run was to delete the new hub, then select “monitoring” and then add the hub back via the setup software.

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Yeah, sounds different, I was hopeful for a second their was a fix.

Now I lost my monitoring service subscription! Customer service gave me a new code to use but I can only use it once this issue has been resolved. So, yup, there is nothing they can do until the next update and they don’t know when the next update would be.

So, my solution? I reactivated my SimpliSafe. Sorry, but I can’t wait around to be broken into while Wyze figures out how to fix this problem.

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Ok, just noticed all this, yeah my sense hub went wonky too. Set it all back up, seems to work, just no monitoring in the app. Just putting comment here to verify we are still having trouble,

Deleted app, reloaded… did not work, same problem.


if you have not already, contact support, not sure how much they watch these forums.

Chat or call options at the bottom.

“Unable to load monitoring services”
Same issue here.
Set up the system and had it working but accidentally pressed the reset button on the hub. THIS IS A BAD DESIGN.
lost all setting so started over. After resetting it up it appeared okay but after closing and reopening the app get the “Unable to load monitoring services” message.
Hope they fix this soon otherwise the system is a light weight brick(s).
Also, change the firmware so that you have to hold the reset button for several seconds to reset the entire system to avoid accidentally resetting!

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THIS IS NOT A FIX, it is simply a temporary workaround if you want to bother. Asked to do the following: “reset the services by going to the Account tab>Services> Home Monitoring> Reset Service” when I was in chat with them. I did this, re-entered needed data (didn’t have to re-pair and devices, just specify which ones associated with home/away). I was able to get system operating ‘as normal’, with all of my previous settings intact. Took less than 5 minutes.

As long as the app stays open all is well. Close and then reopen the app and the problem returns. Spend <5 min to reset and back in operation. So, right now I try not to close the app!


Just letting everyone know I’m having the exact same problem and I did submit a ticket. Something I did find out is if you have a Wyze keypad then you can use the keypad to activate and deactivate the different alarm settings (disarm, home, and away). It’s not exactly what I’m wanting but at least I know my house and family are protected through the monitoring while I’m at work at night. The cameras work also so I may just moonlight as a security monitor by watching the cameras when I can.

Don’t get me wrong I want the App to work so I can use my phone but if your looking for a work around so you can actually use your monitoring system that’s an option.