We need your input and we have a GIVEAWAY - Wyze Home Monitoring Week 4

And a cellular backup wont work if someone uses a blocking/jammer on your backup…which I would put forth as just as likely to be used by someone that is plotting so throughly that they are planning on cutting your internet service and/or power.

Lets face it, most crimes are crimes of opportuinty and are not some elaborate planned out attacks. Anyone who has enough at stake to be the subject of an extensively planned out attack should have more than enough means to pay for a substantially more robust system. In other words, if yu are rich enough that you are concerned that a gang of theives is going to plan to cut your power and wifi, then you are rich enough for a system that would better address those issues…

Does anyone have any wild guesses as to what kind of $$$$$ we are talking about to include just the cellular transmitter and receiver (not to mention the software/programming)

Well, I think @carverofchoice really said it all - but personally the multi-user access is probably #1 for me since my wife and I are currently both logged into my wyze account to work around this problem.

Integration with the Wyze doorbell - since we love our doorbell, we’d really like it to serve as a camera for the Home Monitoring platform.

We never really thought about home security until we were expecting, knowing we’re protected against intrusion helps, even if just a bit of security theatre.


I would like to have the option of no countdown as well as multiple emergency numbers. The countdown can startle my dog and adding multiple people to text/call will make it easier if I’m away from my phone and someone sets off the alarm.


One of the key features of all standard security systems that I have tried and used is the ability to designate the alarm delay for each individual sensor. Each sensors need to be able to set their own alarm delay during setup and in their settings tab. It can be as simple as a checkbox for each sensor that says “Alarm Immediately when Opened”.
This is essential - a window for example should never give a burglar 30 seconds before sounding the alarm. It should happen immediately since a home owner will never open that sensor while armed (in home or away mode). But certain doors will always be used for ingress so they need to have an entrance delay so the system can be disarmed.

If I am asleep in my home and an intruder pries open a window I need the system to sound the alarm and alert the alarm company immediately, not wait for 30 seconds for him to browse through my home. The 30 seconds of beeping tells him he’s got even more time before any police will be summoned. 30 seconds could be the difference between life and death.


Removable batteries. Because they will die at some point down the road, I’d rather not have to buy a whole new kit.
Restart/reboot option. I’m currently stuck in ‘ready to connect’ mode with no idea how to restart it. Just about all your main devices have a restart option, surprised this hub doesn’t.
Wall mountable. Designed with the cables hanging from under it, and not out the top like the Base Station for the outdoor cams. Antennas up, cables down looks the best.

Haven’t had it long, these are just off the top of my head.

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FYI, the batteries are already removable for both the Contact sensors and motion sensors. :slight_smile: I am very happy about that. We can use regular AAA batteries when the time comes to replace them. I’m personally going to put rechargeable batteries in mine. Just thought I’d let you know your first wish is already granted! Comes that way by default. That is one thing I am very happy about…I hated having to use little button batteries in the original V1 sensors. using standard AAA Batteries in this system is a great upgrade.


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Personally the only issue I’ve seen or had issue with that is totally insane not to have is notifications tied to what mode you are in…

When in DISARMED mode, I want no push notifications from any sensors, when in Home mode, I only want door sensors sending push notifications. When in AWAY mode, I need all sensors sending push notifications to the phone. Currently the way it is, no matter the mode, push notifications are sent from every sensor to my Android based phone. Going into the app after changing modes to enable or disable notifications for each sensor is an unnecessary second step. I would think the ability to add rules to enable or disable notifications with mode changes would be the best and easiest fix and would allow each customer to customize the push notifications they want sent to the phone. At the present I just have notifications off for the motion sensor, which has cut down immensely on notifications, and I am just putting up with notifications each time a door is opened.

Another feature that would be of a huge benefit is the ability to set a schedule to arm and disarm the system…example, I go to bed at night and the schedule would kick in and automatically place in HOME mode arming the system at 11pm and turn off automatically at 6am. Or I leave for work every Monday thru Friday and a schedule could arm the HMS in AWAY mode at 9am as I leave the house…

My “kangaroo” system I did use could do each of these things and it worked wonderfully. Currently on the fence about going back due to this oversights that I don’t know if and when it will be fixes…


Piling on:

  • ability to schedule an arming routine each day (I.e set to home mode every night at 10pm)

  • entry/exit chimes. Speaker is powerful enough in the hub and already has a dude talking


I’ve been looking at these automated curtain openers. I’d love to see Wyze create a product like that. I know Wyze can do it better and of course at a better price.

Automated blinds would be a great add on as well :slight_smile:


Definitely would love announcement of door opening/closing.

A silent countdown would be nice as well, or at least an option to have the countdown volume be lower than the alarm volume.


I have multiple properties and unfortunately have had various breakins over the years…it is way too easy to just cut a homes internet cable or phone line - that is burglary 101. If you really want to make a true dent in the home security market, there needs to be a Cell backup option. This is just a given with every other security system out there. This one has so much potential, but this is a major deal breaker for anyone who is even slightly serious about their home security. Trying to jam or disable a cell signal is far more difficult to do, no matter how easy it looks on Netflix. Please find a way to add this as an option, even if it has an additional monthly fee attached to it.

I have a few ideas!

  1. Adding the ability to have the hub beep when a window or door is opened - my old ADT system did this, and it would be handy. Bonus points if it could read the name of the sensor that was triggered (front door opened).

  2. Home Assistant integration - if the hub and sensors could integrate with Home Assistant, there could be all sorts of great integrations!

  3. Using the speaker on the keypad more often. I’d like to have my hub in the center of the house, and the keypad in the master bedroom, so I could easily arm and disarm the system from the bedroom. It would be great to pair with my first option to tell me if motion was detected or a door/window was opened or closed.

  4. (More of a V3 request) - add a PoE adaptor accessory for more reliability and reduced WiFi traffic for the camera.

  5. (More of a Wyze Bulb Color request) - tie in color flashes based on HMS triggers- opening the front door flashes a light blue, having the system disarmed makes a light green, and arming the system makes it red. If an intruder breaks in, flash the lights blue/red like police lights.

  6. General sensor availability- as someone mentioned above, additional sensors like leak sensors would be great, as well as opening up orders for more door/window sensors. Also, it’d be cool to have door sensors designed to go inside of the door for a cleaner look.

  7. General integration with other Wyze devices, like being able to arm/disarm the system with the Wyze Watch natively.

*8. Use of the hub as the central hub for all Wyze devices. My non-color bulbs go offline constantly, and I hope having them tied into the hub would make them more reliable.

*9. Use of the hub as local processing for person detection instead of sending that information to a remote AWS server

*10. As someone mentioned above, having the geofence automatically arm and disarm the system would be much appreciated, my Samsung SmartThings security system did that years ago.

That’s all I can think of for now, I’ll update this post if I think of anything else! Thank you for making great products and reaching out to your customers to improve them!

*Edit: just though of a few more


When I first this for a week I was unable to get into the settings but after support help I got it all working as it should. My only disappointment is that they don’t include a operation manual with it.

there is a seller on etsy that sells sensor mounts for door sensors that mount in the Jam of the door. So You don’t see them at all & easy to remove for battery replacement to. Good prices & instruction videos to


Multiple User Access with memory storage for recall later so it’s possible to see who has accessed it & when.


I have had mine about a week and I am pleased with it so far with the caveat that I suspect more things will come with updates. It feels like some things are really nicely thought out and then some other things that have existed on other systems for YEARS are missing. Things I have on my own personal wishlist (a lot covered above by other people):

  • Chimes for doors being opened, we had this and it was nice to hear when a door was opened. Now, with this system I open a door and I miss the chime.
  • Alexa integration: I want to use my voice to change the mode: I.e. Alexa disarm, I also want to be able to have something I tell Alexa do multiple actions, for example a phrase that sets the wyze bulbs in my living room to a nice evening brightness and also sets my alarm to home.
  • Additional modes: With my previous system I had a mode that was a copy of home that excluded some sensors, we actually used to sleep with a door open in the summer in our bedroom so it used to exclude the sensor on that door. I would like more than 3 modes in general.
  • Sensor actions: The sensors have a count for amount of time they’ve been open, I would like to be able to set my door sensors to turn off my Nest thermostat if a door is left open for a period of time. It feels like this is achievable, but not got it sorted yet.
  • Countdown noise - allow me to adjust the volume of this so the siren is loud but the countdown quieter. I also want to be able to turn off the noises completely for events. My hub is in my guest bedroom, I’d like to be able to disable all noises if I am operating the alarm when a guest is sleeping in there. (apart from of course if an alarm is triggered).
  • Countdown length. I read the countdown can be 0 - 150 seconds or something, but unless you want 0, the minimum is 30 seconds and in some cases thats too long. Let me select maybe 15 too?
  • Remote siren - I used to have a siren for my old system in a storage locker, door sensor and siren only, so if someone broke into there they could hear the alarm, the locker is within range of the hub but the noise is not loud enough to deter them from stealing stuff if they get into the locker, lets have a siren that you can put in there.
  • Entry/exit doors: Allow me to select which doors are valid entry/exit doors by mode. I.e. if we are in arm mode, I want to be able to tell the system to only expect someone to come in through the main house doors, if someone comes in through any other door trigger the alarm straight away. If they come in through the entry/exit doors give the countdown. Its important that it can be set by mode, because the home mode I’d want to be able to open any door.
  • Notifications: I like the fact you get notifications when the alarm is set/unset, I’d like to be able to choose when to get these and when not too and base it on mode. I.e. if I am at home I am not sure I need a notice that someone pressed the Home button. But, maybe there are times I’d like that, i.e. if I am away, its nice to know my wife set it and she is at home safely.
  • Multiple users: To me, this is where Wyze falls short as a company. I’ve had cameras a long time, I’ve always wanted to be able to share some camera’s with people and have them able to do more than just watch the live feed. Its the same with the alarm, my wife has my account on her phone because the shared access is not up to scratch. Let me add users, give them permissions, take away access etc. Let her be able to do all the actions if I want her to. Let me give people guest access, I.e. if I am away let me give someone access to water my plants with set doors on their account, notifications I can set if they do things, their own pin for the keypad etc.
  • Noonlight: Give me more than one number they will call! It can be a first number then a second if first number does not answer. Also, where do I change my number if I want to? I get that I can setup the monitoring again to change it, but what if I just want it to call a different number if I am out of the country. Also - will noonlight call an overseas number? When I am in the UK (which I visit a lot) I have a UK number, I’d like them to call that number so I don’t have to divert my US phone to the uk number.
  1. Can we please eliminate the need to hit the check mark when disarming the Home Monitoring System? Every other HMS I’ve ever used has never required an additional key input other than the PIN and mode. It is not intuitive to punch the PIN + :white_check_mark:+ mode. Seems like an unnecessary extra and confusing step.

  2. Create an option to turn off voice commands in the keypad. It seems unnecessary, it can be annoying, and most importantly it is confusing when what the keypad is saying does not make sense for what you are doing. Example: On occasion when we disarm the alarm, the keypad will then say “Alarm active”. It inspires the users to put there PIN in again although they have already disarmed the system.

  3. Create an option to eliminate the exit delay chime and voice from the hub. It is extremely annoying especially when leaving the house while others are at home.

  4. Create an option to adjust the enter/exit delay and voice volume separate from alarm siren. I want the exit delay chime to be low and the siren to be very loud.

  5. Allow each sensor to have its own delay timer for home or away mode. When I am home or away, I want certain sensors to sound the alarm immediately.

  6. Integrate the Wyze Lock keypad into the HMS. No need for multiple inputs if they can talk to each other.

  7. Add in Wyze Watch support so that we can Arm & Disarm from the watch.

  8. Add the ability to share the monitoring system with other Wyze users so they can arm/disarm from the Wyze App. This would allow them the convenience of using their phone to arm/disarm, and also give the primary account the ability to know who arms & disarms the HMS.



I can’t agree with this more. Add Home Assistant. It is the wave of the future. If Wyze opens up API’s so we can link to Home Assistant, then Wyze reduces the risk of having as many people migrate away for other options as more and more people are switching this way every year. soon, if you don’t allow a H.A. tie-in you’ll be in the minority. I personally have been casually looking for alternatives to Wyze that will support Home Assistant because in the long run I want to have every device on Home Assistant, and I would be very sad if that means considering selling off a lot of my Wyze devices for alternatives in the long run.

TEXT TO SPEECH - Custom sounds

I currently do custom text to speech sounds with Alexa (Or with Google through Tasker audio broadcast macros), but a lot of people would prefer to be able to do it through Wyze directly using their hub’s speaker, or even a Wyze Cam. As some others have said in the forums, besides just a chime for a certain sensor, we could have the TTS actually announce which sensor was open: “Front Door” or “Front Door Opened” Additionally, Wyze has cool rules about “sensor has been left open for X amount of time” so after 30-60 seconds (or whatever we set it as) of an outside door being left open, it could announce “The front door was left open” to let me know that my daughter AGAIN didn’t shut the door. TTS would be very useful and I believe there are some fairly inexpensive or opensource options you can mostly just copy and plug in without having to do it all from scratch.


@WyzeGwendolyn How can we get to the top of this improvement list?
The beeping is super loud, not necessary, and like @carverofchoice mentions it makes me not want to use the system either ;(

I have an Ademco/Honeywell Vista21 with 4G and a touch keypad I’m really wanting to replace everything with Wyze Monitoring.

I worked in the pro monitoring industry for 19 years and really want this to be the #gamechanger it can be. Let’s talk about fine tuning the feature set, but please start with the beeping.