We need your input and we have a GIVEAWAY - Wyze Home Monitoring Week 4

yes please! i need to know when our system is armed/disarmed for when kids/wife come and go.

These are the features I would like to see:

Family account management:
Family members with individual logins.

Multiple Pins for keypad:
A nice feature from AT&T Digital Life I was able to make customized pins for my family members. It was much easier for them to remember a pin set as their birthdate than the random numbers I used for my own pin.

Scheduling of Alarm Activiation
At&t Digital life allowed a schedule to arm the system at a certain time.

Door Open chime sounds.

Cellular call backup for when internet down

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1 - Home monitoring needs light that blinks every so often to show it is armed as “Home” or “Away”
At night I cannot see if armed from bed, if the “Home” would blink every 20 sec or so then I would know it is armed.
2 - Announce on echo dot when door is open by saying “Front Door Opened”, etc. or choice that it could only beep. This is suppose to work, but I cannot get it to work.
3 - Better integration with echo dot. “Door Open”, alarm count down, etc.

Would like ability to enable/disable device triggers through a Shortcuts rule. Could use that in conjunction with Wyze Home Monitoring.

It’s crazy to me that there is currently only one home monitoring allowed per account.

(Not only that, but they’ll sell you multiple kits without warning there’s only the ability to use one. - My bad, should have dug deeper I guess.)

So, that said, offering multiple home monitoring per account is only logical and should be near the top of the list.

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For those wondering, they addressed a TON of the suggestions and requests posted in here in the latest “Ask Me Anything” they did. You can read a summary about which suggestions have a timeline or are on the roadmap, etc. I posted a reference copy of all of Wyze’s answers to the HMS AMA here:


Same here … bought three but I guess 2 are bricks??

OP means that the hub should have a removable, replaceable battery.

Oh yeah, whoops…thanks. Somehow I missed that it was about the hub specifically. Funny oversight.

I bet we could just buy a lithium ion battery replacement for the same size off Amazon and replace it. I’ve seen people do that for several other things. I personally don’t expect we’ll use the battery often enough to wear it out very fast…I even have phone batteries that are really old but still hold a charge for at least a couple of hours use even after being used all day for 3+ years.

ASK: We need the ability to designate certain sensors as “immediate alarm”, as opposed to a delayed entry/exit sensor.

REASON: Only some sensors are frequently used as entry ways for a homeowner, Others like windows or backdoors should trigger an alarm immediately as they likely mean an unauthorized entry. A 30-sec delay when someone enters thru a window is the worst scenario as now that person knows there is an alarm about to be triggered and has 30-sec to do something about it (i.e. find the owner, cut the internet/wifi, etc).


Yes! I didn’t even consider this, but this is definitely a must.

We’ve been using the home monitoring system (v2) now for a few weeks. Here’s my suggestions/requests:

  1. We need to be able to “share” ownership of a home and all the permissions that entails with our spouse. You cannot, Firstly, it’s inconvenient and secondly there are several papers that cite the domestic issues that can arise from an inequity in control over a home.

  2. Integrate the home monitoring devices with IFTTT - this would allow me to leverage things like door and motion sensors for use in other home automation routines, something I lost when switching to Wyze V2 home monitoring.

  3. Add a water/leak detector to the home monitoring solution devices. (I know it’s in development, but it is a gap presently)

  4. Add integration with August/Yale (and others) mainstream door locking systems to add inputs to the home monitoring solution.

  5. Integrate the home monitoring with Google Assistant so I can “arm” the system more conveniently.

I also would like to know if the motion sensor can be set not to trigger with pets in the house walking around when system is armed.

I have one set up where my cat does not set it off, where you place it will depend on size of your pet but basically you turn the sensor upside down So the sensing pattern is mostly up instead of down,
see bottom of this page

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This is a big “hole” in their security design. Each sensor setup window needs to have a switch to select “Immediate Alarm”. Please up-vote this feature here… Home Monitoring Option to set entry delay individually for each sensor


I was so happy to see the response time from Noonlight when I accidentally triggered my alarm. So quick. They are much faster than my previous system the I had, That orange logo company that sells solar :blush: Does anyone know if Noonlight text from the same number, so we can save the number and set a special sound to it’s notification?

Wyze Home Monitoring needs an Apple Watch app to allow for mode changes, alarm responses, and critical notifications.

I understand there are a couple Wish List threads about an Apple Watch app. And while many other features in the watch app would be ideal, at the very least there should be HMS control. In fact, I would argue this should be a separate app from an app that might show cameras, etc.

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Silent beeps please!

in addition to adding more delay options under 30s for exit or entry when arming the system, having an option to silence beeps seems very necessary. for now i set my delay to 0s to avoid the beeps because of how annoying it is when arming the home function. that works fine when i’m sitting at home ready to go to bed, but i’m the first one to leave in the morning at 5am everyday. i have to wait until i exit the house to rearm the home function for the safety of my wife and kids. really annoying and frankly unreliable, because my first inclination when getting into my car isnt to pull out my phone, its to get my ass to work on time.

I’ll 2nd that. Those beeps are horrible. Arming home should be silent, AWAY can have whatever sound because everyone is leaving and only hears it for a few seconds when going out the door. I had RING before and it was great about that. If some of these issues don’t get fixed ASAP, I’m going back to RING. Ring could be glitchy from time to time but is fully featured and well thought out. The majority of the issues with the Wyze system wouldn’t have made it more expensive, it just needs better software/app with more of the common DIY security features. I’ve had Vivint, Ring, ADT, etc. this is the first home security app I’ve had that was missing so many of the common features/options. I’m actually really disappointed for how long I waited to get this.

Here are my big ones:

  1. Have the ability for the keypad’s to count down / beep during arming / disarming. My base station is in my living room, but I leave through my sunroom which is on the other end of my house and I can’t hear the base station beep from there.

  2. The flow on the keypad is a little weird. The need to hit the check button between the pin and the function is just goofy. I will also say in the few days I’ve had my system operational, the keypad seems to be slow / not recognize all my inputs.

  3. Multiple pins / users! I need the ability setup other pin codes, for like my house sitter / etc. I chose a different pin then the original one I wanted to use, cus I know I will have to give it to my house sitter here in a little bit when I travel. And now he has to remember a random 4-digit code (or worse he will write it down somewhere!). EDIT: After reading the summary of the AMA for Home Monitoring, it appears this is coming which I’m glad to see.

And my last one is more a general item. If you’re gonna put an ethernet port on something, allow it to power the device over PoE (Power over Ethernet). It would simplify my ability to power everything from my PoE switch and help cut down on the rats nest of cables!