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Wyze Web View for the week this has not been working for me.Neither cam will connect?I am LAN into router however if I use Wifi on same PC it is working?Any ideas is something blocking me? Oh events is working just NOT live view

This is so frustrating. I love my Wyze camera, but after a few months, it fails to load into my Edge browser. It still records “Events”, but will not let me view on Edge browser. I log in with my credentials, click the “recaptcha” icon, and refresh the name and password. Comes the spinner. Nothing. It will not load, so I can’t see what is making that noise in my front yard. I want my WYZE fixed so I can view. Very unhappy.

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You did dl the nodpi apk at apkmirror, right? That one is supposedly resizeable. Though I wonder if updating it via Play breaks that.

I honestly didn’t pay close attention. I just went to the Akpmirror dot com/Wyze then scrolled to the first option I saw and downloaded that as I’m used to doing in the past.

Have a look here instead:

Just posting this for those wondering about the latest comments on this subject. Wyze’s VP of Product was asked for an update on this service and I thought I’d post his response here where it is relevant:

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WOW1 A year and still in BETA? Three months before another update? Thanks for the update “carverofchoice”.

Is there a way to order the cams on web browser interface?
The order of cams in browser does not match my order in app? It should be the 2 outside followed by 3 in crawlspace.

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Not that I know of, at least not a way to “Sort” them.

From what I can tell, it appears that they are default sorted in order of most recently added to the account (whether that be when you most recently activated them on the account, or had them shared to you from another account.

So, if you want them in a certain order, you currently would need to delete them all, then set them up in the order you want them to appear, with the first camera in the top left being the final one you activate.

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ok thanks. so hhmmm wishlist… nah, more important things than this.

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Plenty of people have certainly given this feedback, it’s a pretty obvious one. I can’t imagine it won’t get an update, if not just to change it to show in the channel order (the same order they are arranged in on the app) so that it’s consistent.

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Why am i getting this ? when i have a few linked to my account and have cam+

Thank you

This is a user to user forum, they (Wyze) honestly ae not using it for any useful purpose. Look at all the unanswered questions. They do not understand what a Beta is.

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Markus, A question first. Is this a new Cam+ sub you purchased, or were the cams viewable prior?

Extend login time for (Wyze Web View)

Currently there is some X-minute or hour time limit when you login to, and if you try to do anything after this time limit, you are logged out and must login again.

I have a few outdoor cameras set up, and I leave one up to watch. Occasionally I want to check out another one, but when I click “back” on the browser, I’m logged out and have to go through the whole login process again. I realize this is a common security practice for websites, but considering that this product itself is for home-security, I don’t think it’s a good practice here. Or at least extend the logged in time to be something like 8+ hours. 24 hours or even permanent would be ideal for me, maybe a checkbox for this option?

To further this issue, when you get logged out by going back, you are at the auth page ( and if you try to login again you get an authentication error which I assume has to do with XSS tokens or something similar. There’s a workaround for this, just go back to, but it just adds to the annoyance.


Cam+ sub for a year now and no never able to see it live, i see the events videos but not the live option weird

Will wyze provide some sort of restful web api with this? There’s a huge community, of DIYers, that already have some home automation platform running privately. A web api that would allow folks to pull in the recorded events and/or take screenshots periodically would be extremely beneficial to include in users’ respective home automation platforms/dashboards.

And please do not bring up Matter because that’s still something of a pipe dream; dependent on so many variables that just cover us in hopeful vomit.

On my end, I’ve got the following on Home Assistant:

  • Honeywell WiFi thermostats
  • Smart Oil Gauge
  • OpenGarage door openers running old Craftsman garage door openers
  • Lutron light switches
  • TCL Roku TVs

All of these disparate technologies were implementations during a time when engineers had the foresight and vision to expose an API for that small minority of like-minded individuals that were willing to put in the effort to integrate as such.

Take for example PowerShell Universal by Ironman Software: I use this daily at work to create APIs for our data scientists so as to avoid exposing those infrastructure consoles and commands that cannot be sandboxed or permissioned enough to prevent calamity.

What I’m asking for is for someone to REALLY give this a try and Wyze will become the darling of the Home Assistant (and others like it) open source community without actually handing over their internal IP code/algos, security, etc.

Do you have a browser that can do ‘Incognito Mode’ which disables most add-ons that might interfere that you can log into webview with?

Another thought Markus. Your browser isn’t ‘stuck’ displaying “Establishing secure connection” in a lower corner is it?

Also, there’s this: , paying attn to Step 9

The Live view on a windows computer and chrome is NOT working today, just keeps spinning and spinning, cleared the cache, restarted, onthe same network, funny I can see it fine on my cell phone. I can see the events…