Viewing Wyze Cameras on the PC

I know Wyze has no plans to do this so I tried a workaround.

Basically go and get MEmu:

Get a google account, go to the google play store and install the Wyze app and log in.


Nice! I have used Bluestacks in the past, but it’s a bit resource heavy, and worst of all, it still won’t let me play Spaceward Ho! on my desktop. MemuPlay does though!

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Very cool! I just installed Bluestacks 4 and it has been working beautifully. If i have any issues with Bluestacks it is nice to know that there are other working options!

Thanks for the idea, installed it but after install could never get it to fully load and launch so I uninstalled it.

When Wyze makes RSTP available I should be able to access on windows without an emulator.

One up-vote for MEmu play. I can view my home driveway while working on my computer.

I start MEmu select Wyze app (downloaded from play store), maximize Live view and minimize MEmu.
I can hear whenever someone pulls into the drive and quickly view the stream. I thanked the UPS guy the other day over the cam. He said “Your welcome” to the camera and was on his way. I love it.


Can this be accomplished on a MacBook Air?

Nope, it appears to be Windows only:

However, Android emulators Nox and BlueStacks both run on Mac.

Thanks for the tip on Memu and Wyze on a PC. Had to wrestle Memu to the ground during installation, but now have it up and working on my Windows 10 laptop. The Wyze camera live views are amazingly sharp and clear.

For those who want to give Memu a try … you have make sure the Hardware Virtualization CMOS setting is enabled on your laptop (mine wasn’t). Troubleshooting installation problems on the Memu site is pretty clear. I’ve messed with my CMOS settings before, so I was comfortable going through the steps. I also had to turn off my Virus Protection software’s Hardware Virtualization checking.

But deep down inside, I am hoping that WYZE offers PC software to view and alert. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day either … until then, check out Memu. It works for me.


WARNING: Proceed at your own risk.

As you know, WYZE folks are looking into adding PC/Laptop features but are making no promises on timeline.

A lot of us are using Memu emulator successfully to view on our PC/Laptops. Memu is an Android emulator, which allows you to run Android programs on PC/laptops (including the WYZE app).

Setting it up is not for the faint of heart.

I assume no responsibility for you deciding to follow my instructions, but this is an outline of how I managed to get Memu and Wyze up and running on my Windows 10 laptop.

Again, proceed at your own risk.

The safer route would be to wait until WYZE adds the PC/Laptop features to their App.

If you decide to proceed, I offer no guarantee that my instructions are complete or even correct, so don’t pepper me with questions or flames. I’m sorry that I can’t offer more assurance. I’m only posting this as a basic guide on how I did it.

If you run into a problem on getting Memu to run on your Microsoft machine, there is plenty of help on the Memu website. Please read and work with them … not WYZE or Me. I am not an expert on Memu … I only wanted to find a way to have WYZE run on my LAPTOP.

  1. Requirements to run Memu:

  1. download Memu installation file:

  1. check your PC/laptop system with 3rd party utility (to see if you have to change CMOS settings for Memu):
  1. How to enable Hardware Virtualization:

  1. Memu 101 help files.

  1. Once Memu is running on your PC/Laptop, click on Google Play icon in MEMU screen and download WYZE app.

I just setup MEmu to see how it works. Granted my laptop is old and a bit slow but it did work. I do have the video board speed issue that shows up when I switch to full screen otherwise no issue.

Here is what I found out as I set Wyze up on this app:
I found a menu button on the right side that allowed me to update the app to using Android 7.1, not sure that is necessary but that is what I did.

Needed to turn WiFi on in settings.

The App took at lest 5 minutes to fully start. It does show a counter at the bottom, you gotta wait for it. The MEmu did put two different icons on my desktop, perhaps to add some complexity for the new user.

Needed to find the home button after MEmu was fully loaded to show the link to Google Play. From there everything is straight forward (download and install Wyze, run app, and login).

Thanks for these tips. I will try this someday.


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Im not sure if anyone was aware of the risk of using this program. Personally with a quick search it seems that the program you suggested. Does indeed work yet a lot of information on it being a cryptominer and possibly dangerous to your personal computer security. Just wanted to let people know what i happened to notice about this program. I can not say for sure if it is yet might wanna double think about this program and maybe wyze will get an windows app someday.

Source: Can not verify if this is a true threat or some some made up accusations.

Thanks! I had previously tried to setup Bluestacks, but could never get it to work. Memu works exactly like I was hoping for.

I was setting up TinyCamPro to act as a “server” to feed my Wyze cams to my ActionTiles installation and BlueStacks would not let you configure your network. Found Memu would allow it to look like its on your local network and have been using it ever since.

Malware Bytes reports this installer as having an Adware Trojan. Not installing it.

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What installer are you referring to?

Hi @andy869, and welcome to the community. As @HDRock stated, which installer? TinyCam or Wyze app?

Working great for me…love seeing the cam in full screen. I have a 3 monitor set up and will probably just leave the 3rd monitor dedicated to to watching the cam…has anyone tried saving the screen as it’s streaming?

Memo has a trojan adminer in it.


Bumping an old thread.

Does anyone know if this workaround still works?