Microsoft App-can put Wyze (and entire phone) on your Win10 PC-it works!

Somehow, I found a Microsoft App that lets me view my Wyze app on my PC. It was not intuitive to set it up but I finally was able to do it.
It is called ‘Your Phone Companion-Link to Windows’. Found the App in Google Play. Seems to work well for me. Pretty neat. I can view my4 cameras on my PC while doing other work on the PC. And do anything else that you would normally do on your phone.
Here is a link to the App:


I’ve been using this for over a year I think it is similar to the program you are using:

works great. Full control of phone with mouse and keyboard on the PC. Resolution and speed is very good.

I installed it, but can’t find anything about screen mirroring in the setup. Any tips?

If you are asking about the ‘Your Companion…’ App, I had to link my the phone to the PC. Something like my phone’s ‘Settings>Advanced Features>Link to Windows’.
You don’t have an App icon on your phone. You have it on your PC’s monitor. That is what confused me.

Yes. I have it syncing photos and messages to my desktop, but I see nothing about mirroring the screen.

Oh interesting - I had thought this was an emulator, not just a remote control to your physical phone screen.

If that’s all it is, TeamViewer has been offering a remote control of phones for years now. I use it all the time.

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I have also used TeamViewer for years, but when used on the phone, always phone controlling PC - not the other way around. I have never seen a way to connect to the phone from a PC. am I missing something?

Yes! It’s somewhat hidden, and doesn’t work on all phones, but it exists.

You will probably need to tell the phone to allow it special permissions (straightforward).

There is ALSO the one time QuickSupport option, a different app.

That was the key - it’s a separate program. Installing Host right now…


Check the list of compatible phines for screen mirroring. There aren’t many over two years old.
My S8+ won’t do screen mirroring.

The scrcpy program I linked above should be able to screen mirror an S8+. I can mirror an S7 and S9 without issue.

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Thanks. I’ll chexk it out.
I currently use a Fire HD tablet on my desk below my monitor.

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BlueStacks Emulator also work great.


I was able to get my Cam Pan and Cam V2’s on my Ubuntu/Linux computer using a combination of genymotion (an android emulator) with tinycam on it and VirtualBox (which allows running guest operating systems on your computer). Once I got it up and running, it’s very smooth and pretty much like running it on an android phone. I don’t think there is anything preventing a Windows or Mac user from running this setup. Doesn’t run the Wyze app but TinyCam works well.

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Yikes, Genymotion on Azure starts at $450/month. Desktop $136/year, or free for “personal use (learning, entertainment)”.

No, there is a free for personal use option for Genymotion. But if you were going to use it for your company, yet there would be some cost. I’m just using it for play at my home. Which is what you just said, I actually tried a few android emulators, this one was the one that worked for me.

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I second Bluestacks. It’s an emulator that lets you have an entire phone on your PC, essentially. You just install the Wyze app on it and boom, you see your cams. It’s made for running phone-based games on your PC, so it utilizes virtualization, although I think it can run without that.


There are multiple free android emulators (or free for personal use). I guess my point being that for Ubuntu and Linux (and Mac) users, there is also a way to put your cameras on screen. Unfortunately, BlueStack is not available on my platform.

If you have a Samsung phone you can use dex

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I not aware of dex other than the extensive 30 seconds of research that I just did, but in order to use dex, does the app run on your phone or on the computer. I, personally, was looking for one that would run totally on my PC, and not require the phone. But is a valid way of doing the deed.