Windows 10 with Android "Your Phone" Viewing WYZE App on PC (Sort of)

Not an overall substitute for being able to view WYZE devices from a browser or a PC in it’s purest form, but I took a little time today and setup “Your Phone” on my Samsung Note10+ and Windows 10 PC.

It’s really just a screen mirror… but I was able to launch apps, control phone systems (Text, calls, pictures, etc) It’s limited on what Android devices you can use it on.

Pretty good write up here on what devices it works with and how to get it working.

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That’s cool. I just switched off of Samsung to the new Google Pixel 5. I"m hoping Microsoft will eventually support other phone models. I like Samsung, though the good ones are pretty expensive. I do like that Samsung and Google both give new OS updates for a couple of years, unlike many other phone brands.

I mostly switched to Google so I could keep the unlimited Google Photos storage that my Wife and I use so much of. I am glad to hear that the Your Phone stuff works for a lot more app control now. They’ve been promising that for a couple years now and I finally gave up on them ever doing it.

If anything, for those who have the capability and are using an emulator, this appears to be a lot less resource needy, but then my only experience was a short time messing with Bluestacks and it wasn’t quite the experience I was going for.

Yeah, Bluestacks is definitely resource heavy. Best option to view on a computer so far is to use TinyCam Pro, activate the “Server” function and then you can stream the camera feeds locally to a URL in a browser.

I sometimes use an old phone to act as the “server” or else an Amazon Fire Tablet. Then I can look at any, or all of my cameras simultaneously in a browser window. It’s not a totally perfect solution, but it works okay without being a huge resource hog at least.

LOL just came here to tell you all about this and it works. Alternative to bluestacks! Maybe a little safer as well.

You should clarify that this ONLY works on ‘select’ Samsung phones.

Pixel 3XL here… no Bueno.

Since I didn’t want to have to rely on a stable connection to my phone I just created a virtual device with Android Studio, it takes like 10 minutes to setup and works like a charm. Best of all is you can use this to control your Google Home too!

I’ve tried both Bluestacks and Nox emulators, but they are pretty resource-heavy on the computer…I haven’t tried Android Studio yet. How are you finding it? How much of your memory/RAM does it use up, and the processor, etc?

I like the emulators/virtual devices, and I use them, but it’s not something I can leave up for a really long period without really causing wear on the computer, so it’s not an ideal solution for long term viability. Wyze really needs to add a GUI to access everything through a browser. They say they hire the best people for everything they need to do, and this should be a little higher priority especially if they are going to start making Home security and things in that area a bigger priority for them. People need to be able to look at multiple cams at a time on a computer screen like can be done with other professional solutions…without having to turn to 3rd party hacks.

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I have 16G of RAM and these are the stats while streaming from my Wyze Cam, so it’s not that bad, but I wouldn’t recommend it with 4GB of RAM or less. Also, this is by far the most secure solution since you are accesing the Google Servers Directly.

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Thank you, the screenshot was perfect. So we’re talking a third of the processing power.
I should try using Android studio more just on principle since it’s designed for testing purposes and I like that kind of stuff.

I’d still like Wyze to finish developing a browser solution.


Yeah, but from what I hear they are running on ultra-low margins, with Ring being the Camera superpower they need to cut costs to make a profit.

Wyze did already say (in the AMA Webinar they did) that they are working on a desktop/browser solution, so I anticipate that it is coming. I think they said it will probably be here sometime this year. I am just anxiously awaiting it. Sometimes their programming solutions take a really long time to implement. Hardware launches are easier because 90% of it is just copied, it’s the few custom modifications that are the big issue, and this type of solution will be 90% custom…so it takes them a lot longer.

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