Wyze Doorbell on PC with Microsoft "Your Phone" App

Windows 10 PC with Microsoft “Your Phone” app installed allows control of Wyze Doorbell on PC when linked to your smart phone.

I have been using the Microsoft “Your Phone” app for a while and just tried it in conjunction the Wyze app on my Galaxy S10 Android phone linked to my laptop. I can view live video and can control other functions of the doorbell. Cool! :calling: :computer: :desktop_computer:

Basically it appears that the Microsoft “Your Phone” is a mirroring app with added phone app interaction such as keyboard & mouse control along with some file storage & sharing and notifications.

The smart phone needs to be on the same Wifi network as the PC for “Your Phone” app to work I believe. Not sure if there is a way around that. Maybe someone more network savvy could chime in. Not sure if it works with any other items on the Wyze app. I will find out soon as I have the Door lock & Keypad on order.

Enjoy. Your mileage may vary. Terms and conditions may apply. Microsoft probably wants a lot of free stuff. “Your Phone” app can be found on the Microsoft Store.

I am purchasing many other Wyze products soon, like the Robot Vacuum & Color Bulbs and look forward to interacting with the Wyze community. Thanks.

I just got the new s21 ultra this week…I saw this app but haven’t had a chance to explore it…dont know if I will or not as im not sure I want to make a separate account for something Wyze is working on themselves. but im touchy like that :wink:

Understood, they are working on something. Just seems to be a neat way to watch a live stream from the doorbell cam anywhere on your PC Display as you work for now :sunglasses:

Need to mention the other app required on the android phone besides the Wyze app on the phone is called “Your Phone Companion- link to Windows” by Microsoft Corp.

It can be found in the “Google Play Store” on your phone.

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I tried it out a while back , it works

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Just to confirm, I was able to save a doorbell cam video to my phone then upload it to the PC via the “Your Phone” & "Your Phone Companion- link to Windows” by Microsoft Corp. combination with my Galaxy S10 and Windows 10 laptop.

Trying to duplicate the action again as there are a few ways to share data from the phone to the PC.

Notifications do get pushed and show as an auto-retracting text box from the side of the monitor. They just don’t appear at the bottom of the live stream window. Hmm, they’re on to us. haha

Wyze Door Lock and Keypad just arrived as I was watching the live stream from the Doorbell cam. How about that co-inky-dink? The Wyze planets are aligning.

Door Lock indeed pushes “open-closed, locked-unlocked” notifications to PC display just fine and almost instantly.

Some Wyze app settings can’t be changed from the PC display as is the same with the Wyze Doorbell.

Not sure if you can monitor both a cam & door lock at the same time? Maybe by making a group you could and get notifications on all activity at the same time?