Verizon Jetpack and latest WYZE update

I have been using a Verizon Jetpack for internet and 2 WYZE cams and 2 WYZE PAN cams at a remote location for over 2 years with no major issues…Now after the latest firmware update I am having issues viewing recordings and connecting to live view…I get notifications but when I try to view it says not loaded to cloud…I thought it might be the Jetpack so swapped it out and same thing…Anyone else having similar issues???

Almost definitely not your Jetpack unless it’s suddenly getting very bad reception.

@WyzeGwendolyn is collecting log numbers from people sending in logfiles

Check out these threads - mostly Apple devices, but sounds like an app/firmware issue:


I think this is different from the iOS issue unless bboepple1 started using iOS recently. Regardless, @bboepple1, could you please send in a log through Account > Help & Feedback and let me know the log number you receive? I’d like to send it to the team. Sorry for the trouble!

You also may want to contact customer support to see if their troubleshooting can help although the remote location portion will make this tricky.

Wyze Customer Support

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